Retailers in bamberg disagree on closing times

Retailers in Bamberg disagree on closing times

Three women, one opinion: shopping on sundays is out of the question for them. And they didn't need opening hours after 6 p.M., said traudl hartmann (60), barbara fiedler (53) and pensioner agnes s., which we addressed in the morning in the fubganger zone. For the recurring demand for a relaxation of the store closing time they show no understanding.

Fiedler, who travels a lot as a guest driver, formulates her point of view as follows: "people also have to get some rest once in a while." Hartmann, a teacher and school psychologist, says she doesn't go shopping on sundays because the day is "sacred to her, and not just in a religious sense.". As agnes S. She thinks that the predominantly female employees should also be considered; they were the ones who suffered.

The east bypass captures the imagination in gosberg

the east bypass captures the imagination in gosberg

Tension was in the air when everything revolved around the topic of the "ostspange" at the schuhmann inn in gosberg has turned. Invited by the working group "environment and district development of the CSU district association forchheim. The explosive nature of the topic was demonstrated by the packed auditorium. "The central opinion of the burger horen", was the goal of the working group (AK) chairman heinz marquart.

And these are the facts: a total of around 40,000 vehicles currently pass through bayreuther strabe in forchheim and gosberg every day. The federal traffic route plan is revised every five years. In the case of the gosberg bypass, proposals have been submitted by the trench construction office and the affected communities of pinzberg, wiesenthau, kirchehrenbach, weilersbach and forchheim.

Place in medicine after the baccalaureate? Procurement procedures unconstitutional

place in medicine after the baccalaureate? Procurement procedures unconstitutional

Partially unconstitutional:

The procedure for awarding university and college places in the field of "human medicine is partially unconstitutional! The fundamental right to the state study offer, which all applicants enjoy equally, is violated, the federal constitutional court ruled on tuesday in karlsruhe, baden.

In principle, however, the allocation of places according to the best school-leaving grades, after a waiting period and after selection by the universities, is compatible with the basic law. The federal constitutional court gives the legislature until the end of 2019 to remedy the deficiency. (az. 1 bvl 3/14 and 4/14).

Lander aim for changed university admissions system

Lander aim for changed university admissions system

The federal states want to change admission to medical school by state treaty. They want to respond to a ruling of the federal constitutional court on the admission of students, as the german press agency learned from circles of the lander.

Her ministers of education see an "immediate need for action," it continued. The conference of education ministers should pursue a change or a new version of a state treaty.

Children from unterschleichach perform at the circus

children from Unterschleichach perform at the circus

In front of a huge audience, the children juggled, balanced, spun plates, rode unicycles, flew diabolos, hit wheels, built pyramids and played clowns.

For the first time such a circus workshop was offered in the vacation program of the municipality of oberaurach and the echo confirmed the youth representatives that this was a good step. The lauenburger circus, known in the district because it regularly sets up its winter camp in the municipality of wonfurt, has often been a guest in unterschleichach and also in kirchaich. Most of the vacation children were already spectators in the blue-red tent. It was a great challenge to be able to do the circus ourselves now.

The middle school is being renovated at a cost of millions of euros

A lot of money will have to be invested in the partial renovation of the ebern secondary school between 2019 and 2023, especially in the building services, fire alarm systems and electrical installations. This was decided by the school association meeting chaired by ebern mayor jurgen hennemann (SPD) on wednesday in the middle school.

"For years, rehabilitation steps have been planned and we initially talked about a sum of 70 000 euros. This became 900,000 euros, and now at today’s important meeting we are at an investment sum of 3,266,800 euros", said jurgen hennemann. A grant of two million euros is expected.

The “blessed” are hammering away

The 'blessed' are hammering away

Josef hofbauer "haisd ‘n daisd", huben or druben, the six spabvogel of the cult band from lower franken, who can look back on 20 years on stage, are always on the right side. With more than a dozen instruments or a capella they inspire their audience also in the eggerbachhalle.

But without good throats there is nothing at all. It was probably not without ulterior motives that they chose "hol den wein" as the opening song of their "best of tour" "fetch the wine. A message that got through.

Mesch moves to jena: “time to say goodbye”

Mesch moves to jena: 'time to say goodbye'

She’s taking a big step: hannah mesch, the region’s most talented women’s soccer player, is moving from FC coburg to FF USV jena in the B-junior bundesliga for the second half of the season. The exceptional gymnast, who has just turned 15, is thus consistently pursuing her major sporting goal.

"I definitely want to play in the women’s national league one day. Maybe the national team is also possible", says hannah, who grew up in the drossenhausen suburb of meede, with healthy self-confidence, which she has every reason to have as an U15 national player.

The middle franconian running elite is expected

the middle franconian running elite is expected

Preparations for the 21-kilometer race are in full swing. The first edition of the strabenlauf, which TSV neuhaus is organizing as the opening event for the BLV run cup 2013, will take place tomorrow (saturday). Clubs from all over bavaria are expected, but also the running elite from central franconia will go to the start in the race over ten kilometers. Because at the same time the district champions are determined at the strabenlauf, and also in the senior classes titles are awarded.
Like last year, the german cross championships fall in dornstetten (wurttemberg)
on the same date as the neuhauser strabenlauf. Therefore, the resonance of the strong clubs from southern and northern bavaria will be limited. Nevertheless, there are already more than 450 registrations. However, since not everyone is included in the current entry list, the organizers are assuming an impressive number of well over 500 participants. Sandra haderlein from SC kemmern is the favorite in the women’s race. The winner from 2011 and 2012, angela kuhnlein, considered a start in neuhaus, but will arrive in nurnberg on saturday morning, coming from a training camp. If there is no delay of the flight, it could still work out with a start on the last printer.
The situation is different in the strongly contested 10 km race. How far the top triathletes swen sundberg from TV erlangen or even the five-headed triathlon team arndt will have a say, will be seen on saturday. If a fast leading group is formed from the beginning, the course record of christian dirscherl with 32:38 min. To be broken. As a favorite is sebastian reinwand of the team memmert traded. In 2012, he set his best 10 km time at 29:55 min. Screwed down. The newly crowned bavarian cross country team champions of the LAC quelle furth also want to be in the mix. Dominik mages and patrick weiler showed a clear improvement in performance in markt indersdorf. Whether patrick weiler can repeat his last year’s victory is more than questionable. Around 70 volunteers are on duty to provide a good environment for the bambini, schoolchildren and young people, as well as hobby and main runners, who start in the supporting program.

The course has been redesigned

it will be interesting not only for the insiders, but also for the spectators, as a total of five competitions will be offered. The race will be run on a newly designed course, mainly on asphalted roads, the start and finish area is located at the sports center of TSV neuhaus. The hobby runners and walkers have to complete one lap, the participants of the main run have to complete the course twice. A large school team from adelsdorf, which already surprised everyone last year with its good performance, will also be at the starting line.

The starting times

12 o’clock: school run 1 over 1.3 kilometers
12.3 p.M.: school run 2 over 2.3 kilometers
12.45 o’clock: hobby run and walking over six kilometers
13.45 o’clock: bambinilauf over 400 meters
14.3 p.M.: main run over ten kilometers


School needs more classrooms

The burgebrach market is setting up three hotspots for free connection to the WLAN network. First mayor johannes maciejonczyk (CSU) informed the market town council about the bavarian wireless LAN program of the free state of bavaria. Accordingly, up to three hotspot locations with 2500 euros each are demanded. In the run-up to the game, an inspection was carried out by a specialist company, which carried out measurements to optimize the locations.

A facility on the roof of the town hall covers the eastern area along the main street, the location of the burgerhaus covers the eastern church square and the western forecourt of the burgerhaus. A connection is also possible in the future in the steigerwaldhalle and its surroundings. The construction of the three locations costs around 11000 euros. After deduction of the demand, the market town of burgebrach has an own contribution of around 3500 euros.