The “blessed” are hammering away

The 'blessed' are hammering away

Josef hofbauer "haisd ‘n daisd", huben or druben, the six spabvogel of the cult band from lower franken, who can look back on 20 years on stage, are always on the right side. With more than a dozen instruments or a capella they inspire their audience also in the eggerbachhalle.

But without good throats there is nothing at all. It was probably not without ulterior motives that they chose "hol den wein" as the opening song of their "best of tour" "fetch the wine. A message that got through.

With a wink of the eye, front man stefan ebert says. "We are surrounded by water and wine on the river main. Therefore we are blessed". As a proof he transforms the wine with some mineral water into a wine spritzer, in lower franconian "wei’-wasser".

Real life help is on the way when the guys from "haisd’n’daisd" get together as election workers, alternatively also as whale helpers, when they pull stranded sea dwellers back into the water. With the time the men with checked shirts, hats, trouser carriers "manschesderhuusn" have and "olda galoschn "so their problems. If a man comes home too early, the women are just as angry with him as if he comes home too late.

The men from the lower main, supported by the native of kauernhofen michael saffer, director of the music school in strullendorf, have become more political. Environmental themes are as much a part of their musical repertoire as the "oxen of this world".

Proposals for the mayor

With her wutburger anthem "actually g’hort drauf g’haut" gets burgermeister claus schwarzmann with boomwhackers – different long, colorful plastic tubes, which are harmoniously matched – light blows on the (back) head, which is however well protected by a construction helmet.

With the pig polka from their "koddled program" the lively sextet proves that fun is not neglected either. So the boar confesses to the sow: "even if you’re sausage, you’re by no means sausage to me".

Musically the manner burns "from the lower east side of the main river" a true fireworks display. Especially the virtuoso tuba and trombone solos by thomas marquart and michael saffer or the saxophone interludes by cornel (kornl) hetterich were already worth the entrance fee.

Own compositions

With their own compositions, they reflect on life in a humorous and sensual way and caricature typical french things with word acrobatics and chanting. With multifaceted diversity and deep-rooted mischievousness they do not shy away from ecclesiastical and clerical topics. They underline this with the refrain: "mia dearf ‘n des, mia sen katholisch"." And then the mainfranken people also start rapping. In french of course. Class!


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