Bad kissingen golf club: an all-pink tournament against breast cancer

One of originally more than 100 pink ribbon ladies’ days has taken place at the bad kissingen golf club. It is a nationwide campaign that focuses on breast cancer and the chances of early detection of the disease, according to a press release from pink ribbon germany. Since the 1990s, the "pink ribbon" has been used to promote the fight against breast cancer used worldwide as a symbol for commitment against breast cancer.

In compliance with the safety conditions related to the corona pandemic, the golf course turned pink, as the participants of the pink ribbon ladies day entered the day of play dressed in pink or with pink accessories. Ursula lingstadt-dachrodt, ladies captain of the golf clus, said that 28 players had taken part in the tournament.

Another infected

In the district of habberge, there are currently 149 confirmed corona virus traps (as of: 29. April, 3 p.M.). This was reported by the district administration yesterday (wednesday). That’s one more case than the day before.

103 citizens are now healthy again. According to this, 42 people are currently infected with the virus. Four people have died so far as a result of the infectious disease covid-19. 124 burgers are in domestic isolation.

France switzerland: fiber optic lines for fast internet belong to the city

france switzerland: fiber optic lines for fast internet belong to the city

It was the first project of its kind in germany and new territory for the town of pottenstein and deutsche telekom: the "pottenstein burger network" for the broadband expansion of fast internet to every house in the 33 pottenstein villages. In the main town of pottenstein, or more precisely in the lower town, mayor stefan fruhbeiber (CWU/UWV) and his deputy roland lang (BU), together with representatives of the construction company and telekom, gave the go-ahead for the start of operations. As of now, the lower town and the suburb of puttlach are bookable with fast internet. The special thing about the burger network is that the city, and not the network operator, acts as the developer, who then also owns the fiber optic lines. After a call for tenders to find an operator, telekom made the best offer. The telecommunications company is now leasing the city’s lines for an initial period of twelve years. Total costs amount to around 11.5 million euros. Originally, the cost was expected to be around ten million euros. The main reason for the increase in costs is "the fact that pottenstein is stinking rich", says fruhbeiber – in the truest sense of the word: because some excavation work in the rocky subsoil required more time and therefore also led to more costs.

Unique demand

However, there is a unique requirement. Thanks to the federal broadband expansion program, pottenstein will receive 50 percent of the total costs as a subsidy. The so-called "farm program the free state of bavaria originally envisaged an additional lump-sum payment of 890.000 euros before. But fruhbeiber was able to negotiate cleverly. The state quadrupled its original demand, which is why the city itself now only has to raise around 2.2 million euros from its own funds. This corresponds to a subsidy rate of about 80 percent of the total costs. Negotiations on a higher demand took place at the ministry of home affairs in nurnberg. "I had almost taken up my second residence in nurnberg", smiles fruhbeiber. The investment will have paid for itself in around 40 years through the leasing of the pipeline network.

German government sees need for billions in protective masks

German government sees need for billions in protective masks

In view of the corona crisis, the federal government sees a need for billions of protective masks. In order to become less dependent on china, the establishment and expansion of the production of medical protective equipment in germany should be pushed forward.

After a meeting of the corona cabinet in berlin on thursday, economics minister peter altmaier (CDU) said that germany would need several billion euros within months for all types of masks, from simple everyday masks to special masks for medical personnel. The demand will increase permanently and will remain high for a long time. Masks and other protective equipment are currently in short supply worldwide, prices have risen immensely.

Austria in partial lockdown as of tuesday

austria in partial lockdown as of tuesday

Austria severely restricts public life because of an imminent overload of intensive care in the corona crisis.

Gastronomy and almost the entire range of cultural and leisure activities will be closed, and throughout the country people will only be allowed to leave their homes between 8 p.M. And 6 a.M. For certain purposes – but also for recreation outdoors. "From tuesday 3. November 0 o’clock, by the end of november there will be a second lockdown in austria," said chancellor sebastian kurz (ovp) on saturday in vienna.

Researcher warns of “epidemic of loneliness” because of corona

Researcher warns of

At least one and a half meters away, is an important corona rule. Many people have become much more distant from each other. They live alone in their four walls and have hardly any contact with other people.

"The number of people with almost no human contact in a coarse city is greater than you might think," says the head of the counseling and pastoral care department at the hamburg diaconal agency, stefan deutschmann. During the first phase of the corona pandemic, between mid-march and mid-may, hamburg's telephone helpline received 25 to 30 percent more calls than usual. "Many calls are an expression of people's deep loneliness," says deutschmann.

Biden: trump has capitulated to the coronavirus

Biden: trump has capitulated to the coronavirus

In the battle for the woman’s house, the corona crisis is coming back into focus with a vengeance on the home stretch.

Infections in the u.S. Are at a record high – and with corona traps in vice president mike pence’s immediate entourage, the virus is spreading to the top machetagen for the second time in just a few weeks. President donald trump, meanwhile, insists in his numerous campaign appearances that u.S. Will soon put the crisis behind it.