Kulmbach drug trafficker gets another chance to prove himself

Kulmbach drug trafficker gets another chance to prove himself

The defendant is alleged to have trafficked in narcotics mainly with underage "customers" have operated. In the end, however, the 24-year-old got off lightly, i.E. A custodial sentence, of which. One year and nine months was the sentence handed down by presiding judge michael eckstein after a hearing lasting just under five hours. The sentence was suspended for three years on probation. The decisive factor for the lenient sentence was that the young defendant had otherwise completed an orderly life, from graduating from school to completing vocational training. He had not yet come into contact with the law and was fully confessed.

As prosecutor daniel gotz reported from the indictment, the defendant was engaged in a large-scale trade in narcotics in the kulmbach area at the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017. He did several drug deals with 15- and 16-year-olds, sold marijuana in small quantities for at least 10 euros each in at least three cases. At the beginning of february, the young man from kulmbach, germany, smuggled 90 grams from a hashish plate, which he had previously bought in bayreuth for 900 euros. He used 15 grams of hashish for his own consumption, the rest of the narcotics he doped for 15 euros a gram.

Storm “laura” threatens u.s. Gulf coast – “marco” weakened

Storm 'laura' threatens u.s. gulf coast - 'marco' weakened

After urgent warnings, the extremely dangerous hurricane "laura" hit the u.S. Mainland on the gulf of mexico with wind speeds of 240 kilometers per hour.

In the dark of the night on thursday, the hurricane caused considerable damage in parts of the states of louisiana and texas, which gradually became visible at daybreak: the force of the storm covered roofs, tore away facades of houses and caused power poles and trees to topple down. Sea water flooded the coast far inland.

German handball players before the world championship: a balancing act of goose bumps and tactics

german handball players before the world championship: a balancing act of goose bumps and tactics

On the very first evening of the world championship preparation, the team’s captain patrick wiencek got goose bumps, according to his own statement.

On friday evening in barsinghausen, the german handball players swore themselves in for the upcoming world championship at home (10. Up to 27. January) a. "Now we all know: that’s it, we’re done – we can now concentrate fully on the world cup," said wiencek of THW kiel in the small town of lower saxony just 30 kilometers southwest of hanover.

The “weibe rossl” at the bamberger theater: the pure lust for kitsch and cliche

Operetta or singspiel in the spoken theater, which often takes place by guest performance, because the own actors can sing, but are no professionals. But if you listen to such fresh singing as that of stefan herrmann, then you will be happy about the unused vocal virtues.

The wurzburger played the leading role in the production of the classic "im weiben rossl" at the bamberger e.T.A.-hoffmann theater, which had its premiere on saturday in the version by the pfister siblings and was largely ventured with the company’s own ensemble. And won!