Bavarians break off night crocodile hunt

Bavarians break off night crocodile hunt

Until then there had been no indication of a crocodile. 70 forces were involved in the search in the darkness. From six rowboats they had illuminated the shore of the middle klausen lake.

Now photo traps are to be set up on the shore. "We hope to get pictures of the animal with them," said mulzer. If there is no evidence of a crocodile by the weekend, the closure of the lake will be lifted.

On saturday, a walker spotted an animal about one meter long with a long tail on the shore and alerted the police. Afterwards, a woman came forward and reported that a similar animal had already swum over her near the shore. In the process, she had sustained a seven centimeter long scratch wound. The municipality banned swimming in the lake on weekends.

"The witnesses are credible. We take the matter seriously," said schwandorf’s mayor helmut hey (SPD), who accompanied the nighttime operation. However, if the photo traps do not reveal the animal to be a crocodile, it must be a beaver. "Beavers are native to the numerous lakes here. They can reach such a rough and also have claws."

With some delay, the rowboats of the water rescue and fire department were let out onto the lake late on tuesday evening. With silent oar strokes, they approached the shore to within 20 meters and illuminated it with halogen lamps. "In this way, we hope to see a reflection in the eyes of the nocturnal animal," explained fire department operations manager christian schwendner.

In case they spotted the animal, the rescue workers had jute bags, poles with snares and boxes on board. After a good hour and a half, however, the weather threw a spanner in the works and the search was ended.


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