When wrong parkers cost the rescue forces in kronach valuable time

when wrong parkers cost the rescue forces in kronach valuable time

The first responder picked up the phone, the control center then set the rescue chain in motion. The ambulance is on its way and also the volunteer forces of the kronach fire department have rushed to their vehicles. With one goal: to help as quickly as possible.

Gaffers hinder a resuscitation

And then this: just before reaching the destination, the car can't go any further. Where there shouldn't be any cars, everything is blocked and the fire department can't get through. Scenes like this happen again and again – most recently on saturday in the bahnhofstrabe in kronach. There it went out although glimpflicht. Still: parking wrong can have dire consequences.

What happened: around 10.30 o'clock the fire department drove in alarm mode from bahnhofstrabe in the direction of rosenau. "Patient transport via turntable ladder" it hammered over the radio. However, the fire department had to stop at the beginning of the traffic-calmed and street-lined spielstrabe. Parking violators were in the way.

Violence against rescue workers: who helps the rescuers??

"People do not take into account that fire trucks are wider than normal cars and have a rougher turning radius", says wicklein. Although the drivers, who were in the surrounding businesses, reacted quickly on saturday. After one minute, according to wicklein, the passage was free. "But we appeal: an emergency can always happen, and then every minute counts."

What the police and the red cross have to say about the situation and where another bottleneck is in kronach, you can read in the infrankenplus article.


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