Coburg gallery shows colorful paintings by james rizzi

Whether human, whether animal, whether skyscraper in new york, everything laughs, wobbles happily three-dimensional, everything is united in the coarse teeming james rizzi cosmos, into which also the spectator is irresistibly pulled. After the very successful exhibition in 2008, this unmistakable and original world of art can now be experienced again here in coburg in a rough retrospective in the gallery in der remise. One thing, however, is no longer to be expected this time, the encounter with the artist, who won numerous fans during his visit to coburg at that time. James rizzi died in december 2011 only 61 years old.

So now a train of – yes reverence has come into the contemplation of rizzi's jagged and wavy little figures, which are drawn all over the world, but also too well suited to occupy plates and cups and many objects of everyday use. Products from rizzi's goebel edition, porcelain and hand-painted glass, also complement the lively exhibition in the wiesenstrabe. Isn't that a way to make our world lighter and brighter??

In any case, rizzi held on to his unabashedly childlike view of things, still dancing above all fears and threats, whether the sun, moon and stars, marsmanns, indians, city slickers, fairground visitors and ballplayers in the stadium, dogs and cats and green slatted animals in "good vibrations".

Rizzi reacted to the oppressive density of the modern world, its twitching irritability, its tempo, its shrillness with idiosyncratic, comic-like humor. The painter's two dimensions were clearly too limited for this, so rizzi jumped into the third dimension, achieving that unmistakable intensity and liveliness that is so infectious in its serenity. From a duplicate he often cut out minutely to the smallest elements, what could be captured objectively, and attached his critters with invisible (foam) prints above the actual picture.

In rizzi city
James Rizzi has not captured a typical moment of life in each picture. He has condensed entire life films, stories in thousands of aspects into a single picture. It takes time to try to grasp this, a very enjoyable time of contemplation, with which rizzi is playing another trick on the turf of our present day. In the lawn it leads to the calmness of the contemplation. And now everyone sets the pace. "Nothing is as pretty as a rizzi city", heib one of his paintings, nothing is as inspiring as a rizzi city.

Because the busy exhibition organizers of the glazerei spath, beate heller and bernd hohenstein, have maintained a good relationship with bernd feil, rizzi's long-time friend and publisher, for years, he was now prepared to give this rough number of works, some of which were in his private possession, to coburg. Among them are also some early puffings of the new yorker, so that in a charming way its development can be traced selectively. There are simply line drawings and striking nudes that bear witness to rizzi's precise analytical eye, paintings in which the world has been broken down into individual parts. Or already three-dimensional a painting from 1978 "washington square park" painted in an even freer stroke. One of the works shown here gives then nevertheless a view freely behind the happy scurrying rizzis: "making something out of nothing" from 2005. There rizzi's world teems around a dominant center, the coarse black nothing.

An artist for everyday life

James Rizzi was born in 1950 in new york city, where he was born on the 26th of. December 2011 also died. He studied art in florida. Already during his studies he was engaged in the combination of painting and sculpture and developed the technique of 3D-graphics, which he often used. As his popularity grew, galleys and museums began to take an interest in his work, but rizzi also found a broad field of activity beyond painting, designing records/CD covers, music videos, and objects ranging from phone cards to rosenthal porcelain, among other things. Numerous solo exhibitions and awards were the result, james rizzi is one of the most popular contemporary artists of pop art. Rizzi has been involved in charity work in germany on several occasions.


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