Beer and sweat love in streams

Sunday is the 63. Kulmbach beer week comes to an end. While the guests sweat in midsummer temperatures, there is no reason to complain at the kulmbacher brewery. "We had a very hot and very nice beer week with a very good attendance", emphasizes michael schmid, who is responsible for the organization, and draws a more than satisfactory conclusion.

Schmidt also said that the new features were very well received. The kellerweizen and the naturradler had exactly met the taste of the guests. "We even had to produce more for the nature cyclist."

The enlargement of the catering area has considerably improved the working conditions at the frankenfarm. "1000 times better than before, says jurgen stubinger from the frankenfarm. The brewery’s investment in an elevator and coolers in the underground garage is a "quantum leap" had been. "The kitchen had to grow along with the beer week because food has become increasingly important: we now offer a menu with 30 dishes."

Despite the large crowds, the beer week is largely quiet. "For the most part, it has remained peaceful," said, explains reinhard eber from the kulmbach police department. Only the first and second saturdays are "more intense", explains had been, as it heibt in the police-german.

BRK and malteser hilfsdienst also less busy than last year. Maximilian turk, who holds the reins in the operations control center – two containers above the toilet facility ("we didn’t have any problems up there") – speaks of a significant drop of 30 to 50 percent in medium and serious injuries.


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