Children from unterschleichach perform at the circus

children from Unterschleichach perform at the circus

In front of a huge audience, the children juggled, balanced, spun plates, rode unicycles, flew diabolos, hit wheels, built pyramids and played clowns.

For the first time such a circus workshop was offered in the vacation program of the municipality of oberaurach and the echo confirmed the youth representatives that this was a good step. The lauenburger circus, known in the district because it regularly sets up its winter camp in the municipality of wonfurt, has often been a guest in unterschleichach and also in kirchaich. Most of the vacation children were already spectators in the blue-red tent. It was a great challenge to be able to do the circus ourselves now.

Experienced circus people and experienced padagogues

Andre lauenburger and his wife nadine are experienced in handling and training children, they themselves have three sons and two daughters, who naturally all grow into circus life from an early age and are an integral part of the program. Also in cooperation with schools they have already offered such workshops.

"Performing in the circus can give children a lot of self-confidence" so the circus director. In every group there are children who are not so strong in theoretical subjects at school, but then discover something in the circus that they are great at – when the applause erupts, it's a great experience and confirmation of the training.

The boss shows the tricks

The chef himself practiced juggling, diabolo and plate spinning with the children, the daughters chiara and charlize were responsible for hula-hoop and unicycle. Son marius supervised the young acrobats, and 14-year-old manoel is the specialist for the clowns.

Mother nadine lauenburger supervised the balancing on the slackline and took care of the right circus glamour: laughing, waving, hairdo and costume. The whole thing was supervised by two-year-old marvin lauenburger, who immediately won the hearts of the girls.

Parents, siblings, grandmas and grandpas, uncles and aunts then flocked to the circus tent on wednesday for the rough final performance. Hard to say whether the nervousness was worse in or in front of the arena – but everyone did a great job and when the unicyclists even rode backwards (with assistance) over the slackline, everyone held their breath. For the rough final there was rough applause, beaming children and enthusiastic parents.


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