Vacation spab program: marktbreiter kids go diving

vacation spab program: marktbreiter kids go diving

Wooden boards are lying on the ground, the sound of hammers can be heard in marktbreit. Children run through the neighborhood to fetch building materials. They hand the wooden boards to their team members, who put them in position. With a hammer in hand, they get out. Metal meets metal. After a few beats, another part is mounted in marktbreiter huttendorf.

90 children built their hats

For a week, children between the ages of nine and 14 built various wooden hats on the river main. 90 children take part in the marktbreiter ferienpass event every year. The program lasted seven hours a day. The huttendorf was organized by the youth center with the support of the forderverein and the city of huttendorf. The building yard had provided the construction materials. 20 volunteers looked after the children.

Some were so eager that they had already thought about what their hats should look like before the action started. The children took the saying and hammering into their own hands, supported by the supervisors, explained social pedagogue and organizer hanna leimig.

Fish, mermaids and poseidon

The construction of the hats is based on a different theme each year. This time a small part of marktbreit was transformed into an underwater world. No, there was no new flood on the river main. Nevertheless, there were mermaids, fish, divers and muscle animals in huttendorf, for the groups had named themselves after them. Even for the greek sea god poseidon the children built a house. "But the roof is still missing," said a poseidon supporter.

What is the best thing about huttendorf for the participants?? The answer to this question was always the same: teamwork and working with other kids. But the children also enjoyed building and painting houses.

Crowning conclusion

The effort paid off, because on the last day there were prizes for the design of the huts: the jury also assessed teamwork and creativity, safety and stability, cleanliness and tidiness. In the end everyone received a small prize. The winning group received a surprise matching the theme: a bottle post. Despite all the competition, it was remarkable that the groups helped each other out.

Help against the heat wave

Not only the motto helped against the current heat wave. There was also a pool and the lawn sprinkler was running every now and then. There were also sun umbrellas on the land. A barbecue was held at the end of the construction of the hut. The children were rewarded for their hard work with delicious food and drinks. Parents were also allowed to come that evening.


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