Biden: trump has capitulated to the coronavirus

Biden: trump has capitulated to the coronavirus

In the battle for the woman’s house, the corona crisis is coming back into focus with a vengeance on the home stretch.

Infections in the u.S. Are at a record high – and with corona traps in vice president mike pence’s immediate entourage, the virus is spreading to the top machetagen for the second time in just a few weeks. President donald trump, meanwhile, insists in his numerous campaign appearances that u.S. Will soon put the crisis behind it.

The president told his supporters in the state of new hampshire on sunday: "we’re getting the hang of it, we’ve got the vaccines, we’ve got it all. We’re getting our act together. Even without the vaccines, we’re turning the corner. It will pass."

At the same time, he pointed out that he himself had recovered from his covid-19 disease: "and do you know who got it? I!"Trump had been treated by a rough team of doctors with, among other things, a still experimental anti-body drug. Meanwhile, the number of corona deaths in the U.S. Surpassed the 225 mark on sunday.000. Last time about 83 animals were vaccinated per day.700 people tested positive.

Trump’s democratic challenger joe biden on sunday accused the president of capitulating to the coronavirus. Out of the question were remarks by trump’s chief of staff, mark meadows, indicating that the weibe house is currently relying on treatment for those who are sick rather than on mabab against the spread of the virus.

"We’re not going to control the pandemic," meadows said sunday in a live interview on the CNN news network. That’s because you’re dealing with a highly contagious virus like the flu, he argued. In the sometimes heated exchange with CNN anchor jake tapper, it was unclear whether meadows was trying to say that the corona outbreak is difficult to control – or whether the weibe haus doesn’t want to try at all. "What we’re going to have under control is the fact that we’re going to have vaccines, medications and other mitigation measures," trump’s chief of staff said.

The vaccines are meanwhile still in the test phase. U.S. Government experts believe that sufficient vaccine doses will not be available to all americans until the spring. Trump repeatedly claimed he believed it could be done faster.

Biden called meadows’ remarks an admission that trumps administration "has given up even trying to get the pandemic under control". The democrat candidate has made the corona crisis a central issue in his election campaign.

According to media reports, five of the vice president’s associates around pence have tested positive. Only the infection of his chief of staff, marc short, has been officially confirmed. The weibe haus did not want to give any information about the number of further cases, referring to data protection.

Under U.S. Centers for disease control (CDC) guidelines, pence actually had to go into quarantine for two weeks, even though his own test came back negative. But instead, he wants to make campaign appearances in the coming days as planned. The white house points out that pence, as vice president, is one of the "essential employees" for whom there are exceptions to the rules. On monday he plans to fly to the state of minnesota.

Trump, meanwhile, will travel to the state of pennsylvania, where biden is leading according to polls, for three appearances on monday. Pennsylvania could decide the election. 270 votes from voters are needed for victory. These vote according to the result in the individual states. Pennsylvania is among the most electorally important states with 20 electoral votes.

Biden, in a show of confidence, announced an appearance tuesday in georgia, a state the democrats have not won since 1992. Trump, meanwhile, flies to nevada.


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