School needs more classrooms

The burgebrach market is setting up three hotspots for free connection to the WLAN network. First mayor johannes maciejonczyk (CSU) informed the market town council about the bavarian wireless LAN program of the free state of bavaria. Accordingly, up to three hotspot locations with 2500 euros each are demanded. In the run-up to the game, an inspection was carried out by a specialist company, which carried out measurements to optimize the locations.

A facility on the roof of the town hall covers the eastern area along the main street, the location of the burgerhaus covers the eastern church square and the western forecourt of the burgerhaus. A connection is also possible in the future in the steigerwaldhalle and its surroundings. The construction of the three locations costs around 11000 euros. After deduction of the demand, the market town of burgebrach has an own contribution of around 3500 euros.

Beyond that it is to be examined whether with mounting of an additional antenna on the city hall also the western range can be attached. In the burgerhaus, the first floor inside the building was also to be serviced.

The needs analysis of the preliminary space program for the expansion of the burgebrach school center was presented to the market town council. "The middle school enjoys great popularity as an all-day school", according to mayor maciejonczyk. According to the needs analysis, 16 classrooms will be required in the middle school in the future. At present, there are only twelve classrooms, not including the specialist rooms. Numbers are also rising in the elementary school sector. In the future, all elementary school classes will have to be set up with three classes.

New requirements are also expected in the area of canteen. The trend towards all-day care is steadily increasing. In multi-shift operation, 340 lunches are already being served daily at 60 places. All in all, a missing usable area of around 1200 square meters was determined, which was also recognized by the government of upper franconia. An expansion only makes sense in a new building east of the school center.

Rate give green light

The market town council approved the needs analysis. In order to carry out the necessary contract award procedure (vgv procedure), bids were solicited from suitable architects.

The development plan "1. Neuwiesen" alteration will still be changed with regard to the floor area and must again be laid out in public. The 13. Change of the land use plan in the area of tempelsgreuth will now also be put on public display after the treatment of the comments during the early participation period. In the area of grasmannsdorf, the land use plan is being changed, and a building plot is to be included in the developable area.

The street lighting in the market town of burgebrach is now being converted to LED technology. The market town council awarded the contract to bayernwerk, bayreuth. Burgebrach is investing around 262,000 euros in the conversion of a total of 1129 luminaires. Electricity consumption is expected to fall from around 430,000 kwh/a to around 120,000 kwh/a. The amortization period was calculated to be just under four years.


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