The fire department neuenmarkt gets a new vehicle

the fire department neuenmarkt gets a new vehicle

The procurement of a fire engine 20 (HLF 20 for short) for the neuenmarkt fire department was unanimously approved by the town council on monday evening. It takes place in the course of a collective order with the neighboring municipality of himmelkron. This would increase the state subsidy, as mayor siegfried decker (NG) indicated, to 1,365,000 euros. The municipality of neuenmarkt expects a district subsidy of 29,750 euros from the district of kulmbach, so that the municipality will have to bear its own share of 267,145 euros. The 2018 budget includes 100,000 euros in start-up funding, with the remaining costs due in 2019. The delivery of the vehicle is scheduled for the first quarter of 2020. Mayor decker: "we need our fire departments and must ensure that they are properly equipped."

The community council had neither suggestions nor objections to the urban land use planning of the market town of ludwigschorgast. It concerns the special area "solar park ludwigschorgast, which is to be built about 700 meters southeast of ludwigschorgast between the B 303 and the railroad line. This is also connected with a change in the land use plan.

It will be asphalted

Mayor siegfried decker also reported on the recent meeting of the building and environment committee. The gunther-bau gmbh from stadtsteinach will carry out the necessary asphalt work in the jagerstrabe and fliederweg this month. Local councillor gernot kintzel (CSU/WG) suggested that a demand be made for the additional costs of the lilac path: "we should not let this opportunity pass us by."

As far as possible land consolidation in the municipality of neuenmarkt is concerned, mayor decker referred to a statement by the office for land development of upper franconia. After that, the office will update the work program for the next three years at the end of this month, and only then can more precise timeframes be given with regard to the procedures for the areas of schlomen and neuenmarkt-ost. From the municipality the following projects were announced for it: bicycle and farm road construction schlomen-himmelkron "ruppertsweg", "guterackersweg" with water management measures and the "weitersbacher weg" (way to weitersbach), the road from lake to the beierlein farmstead. There is a need for a full expansion, and the cost is expected to be around 440 000 euros. Councilman klaus zahner asked that the connecting road from the KU 21 to the municipality’s link road between see and rutlashof also be included in the list of requirements.

Core road network

On the subject of the "core road network, which is being developed by the ILE "franconian margraviate and bishop’s land" mayor siegfried decker referred to a workshop in himmelkron: "here, the ILE is having a joint rural core road network concept drawn up. This project is intended to ensure that important main agricultural roads are maintained or extended in a sustainable manner and in line with future needs." During the workshop the preliminary draft was discussed with the farmers and the municipalities. Mayor decker: "the goal is to work out the supra-local main economic routes. It would be too early to talk about individual routes; instead, further coordination should first take place with the office for rural development, the state construction office, the office for food, agriculture and forestry, and the nature conservation agency. A special challenge will be the railroad line running through our community area because of the bridge constructions and underpasses."

Suitable route proposals are expected to be submitted to the community in the first quarter of 2019. Decker: "without a concept there is no demand, but the concept does not yet include building rights. Construction will not take place against the wishes of farmers and landowners." The community of neuenmarkt will have to pay 1000 euro for the concept.


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