Bamberg believes the silver madonna will be followed

Rooty scent filled the packed st. James church. Many men and women had brought herb bushes with them, which are traditionally used for the feast of the assumption of the blessed virgin mary to be bound and blessed. Although it was not so easy this year to look for herbs in the wild: "everything has dried up," laughed christine neubauer, christine neubauer from tutschengereuth, for example, regretted that she had put together a bunch of her own watered garden: peppermint, clover, golden rue, thyme and blood drop made a handsome bouquet. "It’s going to be in the house all year", laughed christine neubauer.

400 years of sodality

For them it was not only a pious duty to attend the festive service with auxiliary bishop herwig gossl. "I am in the sodalitat, already my parents-in-law were members", the tutschengereuther paid off. The marianische herren- und burgersodalitat bamberg, a catholic lay association with currently 330 members, was already confirmed by rome in 1618. Exists now for exactly 400 years and celebrated on the occasion of this anniversary their titular feast "maria himmelfahrt" just especially wordig.

Vdk celebrates its 70th anniversary.

The vdk windheim celebrated its 70th anniversary. On 1. December 1947 the first chairman josef martin founded the vdk windheim under conditions with an exceptional permission of the american occupation forces.
To the 70. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary, chairman joe trebes was able to bury mayor thomas loffler and district chairman heinz hausmann, in addition to many members, friends and guests of the vdk. The girl band vanessa, hannah and annika framed with their music pieces "deep in the frankenwald or the "oberfrankenlied the successful event.
Chairman trebes looks back on 70 years of service. Through intensive research, supported above all by secretary antonie schneider and the support of the kronach district association, it was possible to reconstruct the chairmanships of the last seven decades.
In the chairman's presentation, not only were d his predecessors remembered, but also the 2. Chairwoman, the treasurer and secretary. Similarly, from 1947 until the end of the 1970s, there was a brain injury caregiver. The position of survivors' counselor, which also belonged to the board, was no longer filled as of 1993. But in the same year, the women's advisor joined the board of directors.
Chairman joe trebes thanked for the good cooperation in the now complete board with second chairman karoline loffler, treasurer diana stein, secretary antonie schneider and also the women's representative ursula trebes.
The spirit of the times is also evident here. In the first executive committee in 1947, only members were active as volunteers. Agnes trebes joined the board as treasurer for the first time in 1964. Today there are four women on the board, in addition to a single man.
In his laudatory speech, district chairman heinz hausmann spoke about the origins and the social idea behind the founding of the vdk. In the aftermath of "hour 0, when millions of germans were on the run, missing or still in captivity, courageous men founded the vdk, the association for war victims.
This is also how the regional association was founded in 1946 and the district association of kronach in 1947. However, the windheimer ortsverband was one of the first to come to life.
Thanks to the more than 70 years of peace, the vdk then became unmanned in the 90s in social association vdk. This still helps.
More than eight percent of the bavarian population is organized in the vdk. Due to its strength, the vdk is also able to have an important say in politics.
Hausmann thanked for the loyalty to the association and wished the entire board team windheim continued success in its active club life.

Social component

The mayor praised above all the social component of the vdk. Most people living today know only the state of peace. Thanks to far-sighted and prudent decisions – especially those of the post-war governments – there has been peace in this country for over 70 years. A state of affairs that has not existed in germany for centuries. He commended the vdk for the association's importance to the community. The volunteers provided an indispensable benefit and social commitment for the general public.
The well-attended anniversary celebration ended with coffee and cake, which – once again – was baked and donated by the women of the vdk. 

Pirate sues against gema distribution

So far, music publishers have received 33 to 40 percent of the royalties, the suit says. "At the end of the day, these royalties belong to the creators," says kramm.

With the lawsuit, which his lawyer filed with the berlin district court on monday, kramm wants to set a precedent for other artists. The lawsuit has not yet been served on gema, a spokeswoman for the collecting society said. Therefore, it could not give any information on the allegations made.

Internship abroad: iphofen meets ireland

Internship abroad: iphofen meets ireland

Unthinkable now, but still possible before lockdown and border closures: an internship abroad. Marie wintzheimer from iphofen still had the opportunity to do so. She worked in ireland. Not for the first time, the 20-year-old was immersed in a different culture. When she was in tenth grade, she lived with a host family in france for three months and went to school there. Marie likes to live abroad for a longer period of time. "Only then can you really get to know the foreign culture and develop personally." She is now in her fifth semester of cultural studies at the university in passau. Wintzheimer worked for three months at the german-irish chamber of commerce in dublin, the capital of ireland.

Insights into the irish working world

Wintzheimer was in the accounting department of the german business representative office in ireland. On her very first day, she learned that dressing smartly in the office is very important. It’s not quite as relaxed as it is in germany: "jeans and a dark sweater are not enough." It started at nine in the morning and lasted until five in the evening. She was able to apply a lot of theory from her studies, but the interns also had to work out some things for themselves: "my boss placed a lot of value on independence and that was a good thing too." The hierarchy at work is somewhat more pronounced in ireland than in germany. Questions were always answered gladly, but only by the right contact person.

“Lufos” are in top form

Led by the "mixed triumvirate" to the music of daddy cool all actors gave their best. The performances were accompanied by the usual entertaining band "oldie mix".
The most powerful fighting unit of the foasenachter, the "ingwaonen", inspired quasi as a whip the audience with a skillful performance. A little later, the youngest members of the club, under the direction of nina haring, disguised as "flower children, brave and committed to. The audience could only smile and rewarded the performance with a standing ovation.
Luisa kappe convinced for the third time as butt speaker. In her funny speech she described the annual christmas stress and revealed that a playmobil man had to be used as a substitute because the manger figure of jesus fell down and broke.
Mexican chickens freshly hatched from their eggs caused their breeder enormous problems. The startled chickens mocked this in corresponding darkness with show and dance interludes. Police officer lukas kappe then brought the astonished and captivated "gravel drivers in the hall, the meaning of important traffic signs was explained humorously but also emphatically.

Altengluck instead of alpine view
About his experiences during a stay at a health resort in bad tolz hans prasser humorously recounted. In his witty butt speech, he described, among other things, how the luxury residence "alpenblick" that he had booked as a senior citizen "altengluck turned out.
Dancing skillfully showed the group "hiphop" to the music of daddy cool their struggle in the new york slums. The herzblatt group then showed their class with visions and dreams that the mayor of ludstadt went through on the occasion of a train ride. Highly interesting ludwigsstadt sites of the year 2025 were approached by suburban train. Pictures for example of the university rosa meinhardt and the castle lauenstein exceeded even the imagination of the audience.
Witty and cheeky hermine and the town lady quitsche led over to the second part. This one was inspired by the "gifted corpses" opened in the usual safe sequence of steps amidst storms of applause. As a young senior dieter bar in the butt inspired. In his witty butt speech he described life on the threshold of time – no longer young and not yet old. Instead of surfing the computer and tweeting, he now goes to the park to feed the ducks.
How difficult it actually is to speak "german-turkish" correctly to learn, the "ottendorfer" showed in a censorship released lecture from a grobstadt school class. Smiling, but also thoughtful, the audience gave the troupe a round of applause.