“Lufos” are in top form

Led by the "mixed triumvirate" to the music of daddy cool all actors gave their best. The performances were accompanied by the usual entertaining band "oldie mix".
The most powerful fighting unit of the foasenachter, the "ingwaonen", inspired quasi as a whip the audience with a skillful performance. A little later, the youngest members of the club, under the direction of nina haring, disguised as "flower children, brave and committed to. The audience could only smile and rewarded the performance with a standing ovation.
Luisa kappe convinced for the third time as butt speaker. In her funny speech she described the annual christmas stress and revealed that a playmobil man had to be used as a substitute because the manger figure of jesus fell down and broke.
Mexican chickens freshly hatched from their eggs caused their breeder enormous problems. The startled chickens mocked this in corresponding darkness with show and dance interludes. Police officer lukas kappe then brought the astonished and captivated "gravel drivers in the hall, the meaning of important traffic signs was explained humorously but also emphatically.

Altengluck instead of alpine view
About his experiences during a stay at a health resort in bad tolz hans prasser humorously recounted. In his witty butt speech, he described, among other things, how the luxury residence "alpenblick" that he had booked as a senior citizen "altengluck turned out.
Dancing skillfully showed the group "hiphop" to the music of daddy cool their struggle in the new york slums. The herzblatt group then showed their class with visions and dreams that the mayor of ludstadt went through on the occasion of a train ride. Highly interesting ludwigsstadt sites of the year 2025 were approached by suburban train. Pictures for example of the university rosa meinhardt and the castle lauenstein exceeded even the imagination of the audience.
Witty and cheeky hermine and the town lady quitsche led over to the second part. This one was inspired by the "gifted corpses" opened in the usual safe sequence of steps amidst storms of applause. As a young senior dieter bar in the butt inspired. In his witty butt speech he described life on the threshold of time – no longer young and not yet old. Instead of surfing the computer and tweeting, he now goes to the park to feed the ducks.
How difficult it actually is to speak "german-turkish" correctly to learn, the "ottendorfer" showed in a censorship released lecture from a grobstadt school class. Smiling, but also thoughtful, the audience gave the troupe a round of applause.

World of weightlessness
Under the direction of silke conrad the black light theater showed on the topic" fighting gravity" another world of lightness and weightlessness. This outstanding performance was also appreciated by the visitors.
A fixed part of the butte evening is the performance of brother barnabas (marc bayerlein). He took local events to task with witty and critical remarks, laid hands on those responsible and the citizens of hamburg, and once again gave out targeted whistles.
At the end the audience was taken away to agypten. There obelix unhappily fell in love with cleopatra. This in turn led to confusion and disputes, which were finally all solved with bravura and dancing ease. Impressive stood out thereby stage design and actors, who rounded as usual skillfully the successful buttenabend off.
Brau, andy and marc thanked all the participants and helpers, the sponsors and the passionate audience. Afterwards, the band continued to create a good atmosphere with good dance music for a long time.


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