First step to the officer

Of the original 589 trainees who started the officer training course on the third of july, 448 have remained so far. Most of them successfully passed the course, but some have to attend a four-week refresher course. "This is the first step in their officer training and lays the foundation for further training and training to become an officer.", summed up the battalion commander, lieutenant colonel simon leidner.

March of solidarity

Lieutenant colonel leidner remembered the comrades in action who could not spend christmas with their families. In order to remind the prospective officers of the special challenges of the soldier's profession, they took part in the 11. September with a 63-strong voluntary delegation on the third stage of the "march of unity from burgstadt to kleinheubach part. The march of solidarity organized by the bavarian reservist association sets a sign of solidarity in the homeland for the soldiers on deployment abroad. This year the final stage ended on the 16th. September in hammelburg.
In recognition and remembrance of the participation, the reservist association awarded the "yellow ribbon" to the officers' warden battalion 2. In the greeting of the chairman of the bavarian state group, prof. Dr. Friedwart lender, he explained the significance of the march of connectedness. With regard to the officer candidates, he emphasized that they are the next generation who will represent the federal republic of germany in foreign missions. "It distinguishes them that they already and voluntarily deal with this rough responsibility", lender concluded his speech.
In front of the enlisted soldiers, lieutenant colonel leidner looked back on the other highlights of the past six months. The swearing-in ceremony in bad bocklet took place in front of more than 2500 spectators. As part of their training, the officer trainees visited the "information training country" in munster on the luneburg heath.

Donations collected

There, the young soldiers saw typical combat situations, which gave them their first impressions of the course of a military operation. Donations collected for the "volksbund deutsche kriegsgraberfursorge" (german war graves commission) the battalion reached a donation result of about 29 000 euro. These serve to preserve and manage soldier's cemeteries. Special highlights for the soldiers were the closing ceremony and previous training camps lasting several days.
At the end of the course, commander leidner honored the best students of the officer training course, promoted a female soldier to the rank of first lieutenant and appointed a regular soldier to the rank of professional soldier.
In addition, he formally recognized and honored an officer for his participation in the bundeswehr mission in the baltic states with an award from the lithuanian ministry of defense. He also bid farewell to deserving instructors, who are leaving the officer training battalion. 


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