Electric bicycles were the rage

A heiber tip from expert karin petereder before the celebrity bike tour at the health days: "the more leisurely you ride, the more you are supported." And off they went for the participating "celebs." But they made up only the smallest part of the visitors. Without being able to name a number – in previous years it was between 3,000 and 4,000 – the head of administration, matthias lutsch, noted an immense rush this year.
The rehabilitation center’s grounds were crowded by large and small, foreign and local, many to listen to presentations on health topics, to get an impression of the facility, or to rent an electric bicycle (e-bike). Cycling with support was the focus this time.
Health and prevention have a higher priority than before. "Preserving health" and "restoring health the people are interested, as are the treatment possibilities. The health days last weekend provided an opportunity to find out more about the program. Many exhibitors, but also self-help groups were there, giving tips about products and services. Those who wanted to could have their blood sugar and blood pressure measured or test their reflexes on the reaction wall. Already on saturday birgit frings-loskill from the rehabilitation center was very pleased with the response. In addition to the social program, the entertainment, food and drinks on offer were also very well received. Kurkapelle and "historical ladies gave a rendezvous.
The "highlight but this year the movelo-show-truck, which was accompanied by a lot of music and offered the possibility to test e-bikes, was a real highlight. The team had more than 40 such bikes from various manufacturers and with a wide range of equipment. The bavarian red cross was on hand with an ambulance and explained its technical capabilities to interested visitors. Fortunately, neither the BRK nor the local fire department had to become active because of emergencies. They had to fight with drivers who did not understand the overstretched parking situation on the mountain.
The patron of the event was anja weisgerber from the european parliament, who also gave the opening speech. She praised the rehabilitation and prevention center for its "innovative concepts"." The environment also contributes to recovery: "guests from near and far come to our beautiful rhon. At the same time, they were able to get to know the french hospitality." She pleaded for the EU to become active in cross-border coordination in the field of prevention. Although it is possible for europeans to use health services abroad, most of them prefer to be treated in their home country: "the reasons are the relationship of trust with the doctor, the proximity to the place of residence and language barriers", according to weisgerber. She praised the dual system of nurse training in germany. Trainees were integrated into the work process and were able to gain valuable experience for their future careers. In the dual system, theory and practice are very well balanced. She is committed to ensuring that in the future, too, education does not depend on school-leaving qualifications. She rejects the idea of high school graduation as a basic requirement for taking up a nursing profession, because: "enthusiasm for the profession is very important here." One advantage of europe is that research can take place across borders and that research results are immediately available in every country.
District administrator thomas bold said that the home region is the health care industry and trendsetter: "over 40 clinics in the bader region speak a clear language." Qualified providers for health care are located. Nevertheless, the shortage of skilled workers is also becoming more noticeable in the region, and this must be counteracted. People re-entering the profession must be given opportunities for qualification. In addition to vocational training, in-service qualifications had to be introduced.
According to mayor wolfgang back, the goal of the market town of bad bocklet is to develop the town as a health center. He acknowledged the "excellent work", the medical services provided at the clinic, because a health resort is also characterized by its medical competence.


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