Thousands demonstrate against euro bailout

The free voters party and several associated organizations demonstrated against the euro bailout fund at a rally in munich on saturday. In his speech "against ESM and extremism" hubert aiwanger, chairman of the free voters in the federal and state governments and leader of the parliamentary group in the state parliament of bavaria, spoke out in front of around 1,000 participants against speculators, but at the same time for a europe open to the world and against extremism. The free voters had specially expanded their slogan after the npd had announced its support in the protest against the bailout fund.

The rally was supposed to be the start of a campaign against the euro bailout, with which aiwanger also wants to gain federal political ground for the free voters. Key demands of the party, which plans to run in the 2013 federal elections for the first time, include regulation of the banks, no assumption of the consequential costs of financial speculation by the taxpayer, and a reversal of the increasing centralization of the economic and financial markets in the hands of a few. Aiwanger on saturday explicitly defended the greek citizens: "the greeks are the first victims of a policy in which all hats are dropped."

NPD wanted to participate

Also the bavarian state association of the taxpayers' union, the organization "more democracy", which is close to the greens and the "civil coalition", which is more in the right-wing liberal camp the north german noblewoman beatrix von storch, nee duchess of oldenburg, was among the supporters. With a view to the NPD, which had announced its participation in advance, aiwanger emphasized. "We say yes to solid finances and to a democratic and cosmopolitan europe, but no to the ESM and extremism."

About 1000 people attended the event, according to police spokesman wolfgang wenger. Many held up transparencies, including a burning euro sign and the slogan "stop burning money." According to wenger, there were also a few members of the left and right spectrums among the participants. However, according to his words, they did not attract further attention.


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