Painters are training more apprentices again

painters are training more apprentices again

There can hardly be any talk of quiet time on the construction site this winter. The mild weather and full order books mean that the painters in the habberge district are also busy now. Nevertheless, about 20 companies, or rather their masters, took the time to spend a few hours with their colleagues at the country hotel in rugheim.
The head of the painters’ guild, michael ott from burgpreppach, used the opportunity to announce happy news and to present an award. Master painter erwin von der forst from pfarrweisach, who works worldwide as an expert in the special fields of concrete technology and concrete repair as well as for drinking water and wastewater systems, received his master’s certificate 40 years ago. This jubilee was honored by michael ott, also in the absence of the jubilarian. "He is also active in the crisis regions of this world", the head master explained to the assembled masters. "It can also happen that the plants he builds are no longer standing a week after completion."
The jubilarian would have been happy to come and accept the honor himself, but he had to cancel for scheduling reasons. "But we will present him with the award later", promised ott.
He thanked two other members of the guild. Paul berchtold from zeil had been deputy foreman for a long time, but had made his post available at the last elections in spring 2017. "For all the honest help and support I would like to thank you now." With these words ott presented his former deputy with a bocksbeutel as a present.

With advice and action

Ott also thanked master painter willi stappenbacher from trossenfurt on behalf of the chamber of crafts for lower franconia, who has trained an average of at least three apprentices per year since he received his master craftsman’s certificate in 1978. In these 40 years, around 140 apprentices have been trained. And even though the company is now run by his son matthias, the senior is always on hand to provide help and advice wherever he can. "You really are a deserving trainer, and as such we have reported you to the chamber of crafts for an honor, ott paid tribute to the valued colleague.
The situation in the field of training is encouraging. After a decline in the number of apprentices in the guild’s companies in recent years, this year for the first time they again have 16 apprentices in their first year of training. Among them in the meantime also one or the other "apprentice" with a migration background. When asked about these trainees, some masters explained that often only refugees apply. And since the industry wants to train, the decision to train a refugee is an obvious one. So far, their experience has been overwhelmingly positive. According to the statements, there are always problems of understanding, also because of the differences in mentality and culture, but it is possible to work with them. For the master craftsmen, the most important criterion when considering whether to hire an apprentice with a migrant background is not only the craftsman’s skill but also the applicant’s knowledge of the language. Kb


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