Streitberg home manager still has a lot planned

Streitberg home manager still has a lot planned

Alexandra dauer from heinersreuth near bayreuth has been the home manager of the streitberger martin luther senior center, the frankische schweiz ebermannstadt senior center and the lindenhof dementia center in unterleinleiter for a year now. She often commutes back and forth between the three facilities, but her main office is in streitberg.

The 42-year-old psychologist says she has not regretted for a second that she applied for this job at the time. Her first day at work was just a rose monday. On this day, the carnival society "narrenkubel" from gobweinstein performed at the senior citizens' home in streitberg. The carnival medal that hangs on the bulletin board above dauer's desk still bears witness to this today.
"I'm actually a carnival buff. But it's quite remarkable what the guards achieve," says dauer, alexandra dauer remembers their appearance a good year ago.

Excellent cooperation
Dauer places great emphasis on the fact that she enjoys working with local organizations and associations. "Excellent" the cooperation with the political municipality of wiesenttal as well as with the protestant church congregation.

Alexandra dauer, who is married to a self-employed computer scientist, was previously the director of two facilities for the mentally ill in auerbach and konigstein in the upper palatinate. She found out about the vacancy as home manager of the diaconal organization bamberg-forchheim from the newspaper: "the internet presence already made a very good impression on me. I wanted to do something different for once and see something different."

A special light
Today dauer is the head of around 140 employees. She finds the "care oasis" project particularly exciting at the moment in the dementia center in unterleinleiter. Seven of the 41 residents live there in a room with "circadian light". "It's like daylight and has a beneficial effect on the psyche of people with advanced dementia, especially when it's gloomy outside," says alexandra dauer , explains dauer.

Every resident of the "care oasis but also has her own separate room. With the "care oasis the residents have also had to take fewer medications than before. "We will now also be one of the first facilities to participate in the federal ministry of health's de-bureaucratization project.", announces the home manager. The whole thing is scheduled to start in april or may of this year. A new and more concise documentation system is to be used for this project. It should save the caregivers time, which they can then spend on caring for the home's residents.

There are currently 77 residents in streitberg and 36 in ebermannsstadt. "It was a very good decision for me to accept this position. Also because the employees in all the houses do a great job", says dauer.

Schoner outlook
And that's another thing: "it's also a fantastic place to live and work", swarmt alexandra dauer. She points to her coarse office window with its beautiful view down into the meadow valley. "I was welcomed here in a very friendly, open and warm-hearted way", alexandra dauer is pleased. She knows that the goals can only be achieved by working together. That's why she doesn't take herself too seriously. One of her goals is not only to maintain the quality of the facilities, but also to keep improving it.


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