Brain hemorrhage – and then?

The schon- klink addresses the issue in the lecture series "health talks on thursday, 14. Marz, with the intensive care after stroke and brain hemorrhage. The speaker will be dr. Christian sparenberg, senior physician in charge of the neurological intensive care unit, schon-klinik bad staffelstein.

How good the chances of successful rehabilitation after a brain hemorrhage can be is shown by the story of susanne D. She was in a coma in an acute hospital for three long weeks and also spent the first days in the neurological intensive care unit in the schon hospital. "I have no memory of that time", says susanne D. She is now looking ahead and wants to work hard to get back on her feet after her transfer from the neurological fruhreha ward to the normal ward.D. After the cerebral hemorrhage he is paralyzed on one side, has little strength in his body and no feeling in the left side of his face. A comprehensive program of medical care and individual therapies is designed to give her back control over herself. Neurorehabilitative intensive care is a complex, multidisciplinary and multiprofessional treatment concept that requires a lot of know-how. Only special facilities meet these requirements. Dr. Sparenberg will present this concept on the basis of the therapy offer of the schon-clinic bad staffelstein and illustrate it with fictitious cases.

Admission to the event is free of charge. Start is at 7 p.M., admission from 18 p.M.30 a.M. Registration is not requ.

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