Place in medicine after the baccalaureate? Procurement procedures unconstitutional

place in medicine after the baccalaureate? Procurement procedures unconstitutional

Partially unconstitutional:

The procedure for awarding university and college places in the field of "human medicine is partially unconstitutional! The fundamental right to the state study offer, which all applicants enjoy equally, is violated, the federal constitutional court ruled on tuesday in karlsruhe, baden.

In principle, however, the allocation of places according to the best school-leaving grades, after a waiting period and after selection by the universities, is compatible with the basic law. The federal constitutional court gives the legislature until the end of 2019 to remedy the deficiency. (az. 1 bvl 3/14 and 4/14).

The first senate, chaired by ferdinand kirchhof, decided that the number of waiting semesters, which currently stands at around 15, should be tightened. And a maximum of six desired places of study should not mean that an applicant who was actually successful would end up empty-handed. In the selection process at the universities, it is important to ensure that the baccalaureate grades are comparable across state borders. Also, the abitur grade must not be the only criterion here.

There are several applicants for each study place. 20 percent of the allocation is based on the best school grades, 20 percent on waiting time and 60 percent on a selection process directly at the universities. But the abitur grade also plays an important role here. In advance, some of the study places are allocated according to special criteria – such as hard traps or the public service’s need for medical professionals.

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The administrative court of gelsenkirchen had presented two cases in karlsruhe involving applicants from schleswig-holstein and hamburg who had not been offered a place on a course of study in human medicine.

Positive reactions to numerus clausus ruling

Doctors’ organizations and politicians have praised the federal constitutional court’s objection to the allocation of study places in the subject of human medicine. The karlsruhe ruling is "the right signal at the right time, said the president of the federal medical association, frank ulrich montgomery, on tuesday in berlin. The overriding reform of medical studies must now be accelerated. "The federal government and the states should take the ruling as an opportunity to make university admissions fairer and better align them with the needs of a changing society."

Other doctors’ organizations also buried the verdict and at the same time demanded a coarser number of study places. Many suitable applicants were prevented from taking up their desired course of study because the number of places on medical courses remained at the 1990 level, complained the chairman of the marburger bund, rudolf henke.

The first reactions from the bundestag were also positive. Petra sitte of the left-wing party said on twitter that her group has always criticized admission decisions and selection procedures, especially their exclusionary criteria and procedures. The green member of parliament, konstantin von notz, complained: "regulating access to university places by means of a grade point average is arbitrary and cynical." SPD deputy caucus leader hubertus heil called for a uniform nationwide admissions procedure: "the abitur grade remains an important indicator, but in the future, individual talent and also a suitable previous education must become more important."


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