County unemployment rises more than expected

County unemployment rises more than expected

According to the employment agency, the weaker economic development has had an impact on the regional labor market. An increase in the number of unemployed in december is seasonal and expected, but it was higher than in the past three years.

In the area of the kitzingen office, 624 people registered as newly unemployed or unemployed again in december, 94 more than a year ago. At the same time, 435 people quit their jobs. The number of jobs fell by 43 in december to 381. Employers reported 128 new jobs, 34 fewer than a year ago.

"After a good year on the domestic labor market, all in all, we go into the coming months with mixed feelings. The year that has ended has clearly shown us that we must say goodbye to long periods of growth", explained eugen hain, chairman of the management of the wurzburg employment agency. The "up and down, or, as the economy puts it, "volatility" on the markets, will probably be our constant companion in the future.

But there's no point in painting the devil on the wall: "even in a worst-case scenario, we'll still be able to cope better than many other regions have been able to get by, i have to say. The excellent mix of industries in the region is a guarantee for this." 


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