Six tips for the future

Six tips for the future

Only the future will tell where the journey will take the eight nursing service managers who have recently completed their management course at caritas. This is what seminar leader norbert grundhofer, who accompanied the participants for a year and a half, said at the farewell party.

In his speech, grundhofer addressed, among other things, the question of why many new appointments to leadership positions in nursing fail within the first year. "Different ideas and expectations of the stakeholders may play a role. Without a doubt, structural deficits in our supply systems also play a role. And perhaps it is also due to the lack of safety on the road for the driving force."

A small smile on the face of those present was conjured up by an excerpt from a care manual from 1901. Here the job description of the head nurse is explained with the following words: "it is her main duty to keep the necessary spirit of cohesion alive in the nurses, to ensure strict discipline and to morally support and strengthen the still somewhat shy ones"."

And to give the graduates a guideline for their future responsibilities, he compared them to a sandwich: "the lower half means the team, the upper half means the facility managers, the management or the home management. In between are you, the care managers."

"The poor sausage"

In this way, pressure does come from the top down, but it also always depends on the layer in the middle. "Or the poor little sausage as grundhofer expressed it with a smile.

Pressure always comes from all sides and often gives the feeling of being immobile. To resolve this conflict, the trainer gave six recommendations: "you must develop visions and strive for change, and in doing so, you must also think outside the box. In the future, less specialization and more leadership will be required. The nursing service management must also take quality and cost aspects into account in its work. And you must implement company goals. This includes situational personnel deployment and budget control, as well as organizational and personnel development. You are also responsible for the best possible working conditions and influence professional policy decisions. And remember to always stay calm. You don't have to be perfect, but you have to stay with yourselves at all times."

At the end, grundhofer also thanked the entire team that had made this training possible in the first place. He named sabine neubauer, birgitta krieger, mathias lau, tanja sippel and cornelia thron.

He also announced the new team of trainers for 2020. It exists as birgitta krieger and mathias lau as lecturers, sabine neubauer as deputy seminar leader, norbert grundhofer as seminar leader, claudia ringhoff as head of department and cornelia thron as managing director. And the latter also found the right words for the very successful results of the participants: "there have never been so many caritasians in one course. We are naturally very pleased. We also want to help our lecturers to develop further, because it is enormously important that good training is provided in our region."

These participants will take on management tasks in the future: mirelle bauersachs (diakoneo coburg), claudia grimm (caritas hof), irene kromm (caritas stadtsteinach), franziska knauer (diakoneo coburg), bjorn muller (caritas kronach), sabine ott (grade point average 1.0, caritas hof), silvia ott (caritas kronach) and lisa-maria rauh (ASB coburg). 


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