Municipality honored its deserving athletes

The athletes of the DLRG kups were dominant at the honor evening of the municipality kups. 14 individual athletes who achieved supraregional successes were honored by the DLRG. Mayor bernd rebhan (CSU) said that the sporting achievements should be honored in front of an appropriate audience. For this reason, the previous sportsmen's award ceremony was transformed into an honorary evening dedicated to the entire voluntary work. This event, which was held for the first time this year, is to be expanded in the coming years. The goal is to strive for an honorary award, which will be presented next year.

Election volunteers honored for the first time

The mayor was pleased to be able to bury a high-ranking representative of the government, thomas engel, vice president of the government. He mentioned the many points of contact, which serve the common goal of bringing the market community forward. Volunteer election workers were honored for the first time at the awards evening. In the first part, 13 women and men were honored who regularly volunteer as election helpers in nationwide elections. In kups, around 80 election workers are needed for such elections, said bernd rebhan. In municipal elections, there are about half as many more people to ensure that the elections run smoothly.

"Good idea

The municipality also supports the sportsmen and sportswomen, the training hall was made available free of charge. Thomas engel, vice president of the government, described it as a good idea to expand the previous sports honors into an honorary service reception. Good cohesion in the community is a sign of a functioning community, he said. Even though the awards have a "retroactive" effect on both the athletes and the volunteers, the DLRG is still very pleased with the results is, this should give new strength and motivation for the future. The second-largest municipality in the district is well positioned and prepared for the future. The market has also benefited from government funding, for example for high-speed internet access.

"We stand by kups"

The government is also supporting the community of kups in the expansion of the B 173 and will do everything in its power to do so, engel promised. He was pleased to be able to present the new honorary pin created by the federal minister of the interior to the citizens who have participated in supra-regional elections. This was presented to ursula eberle-berlips, wolfgang eckert, helmut martin, heiko meusel, thomas meyer, helga muck, wolfgang neumann, manfred pauli, hans rebhan, gerhard sesselmann, thorsten stalph and werner stalph. Dieter lau, who was also scheduled to attend, could not be present. 


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