Cut in a woman’s hair

Cut in a woman's hair

Plenty of barber stores are springing up in the grobstadt area. Heiko jaksch from euerdorf has something ahead of this trend to the manners salon. Since 1990, the 51-year-old has been working exclusively on men's hair in euerdorf.

The choice of his profession, which is more of a woman's dream, was born in his cradle. The salon has been run by the family for four generations. Even urope was a barber in the past. Heiko jaksch took over the jaksch salon ten years ago. The boss unfolds in the men's section of the salon. The women's section is firmly in women's hands. Eight hairdressers style the customers there, four of them full-time and one trainee.

Fine motor skills needed

"When people take up the hairdressing profession, it's usually because of their family history", jaksch learned about the business as part of his apprenticeship. Perhaps the fine motor skills required to handle hair tips, waves and curls are one reason why men are rare in this sport. In this day and age, when there is even a shortage of young female athletes, he would like to see more male colleagues.

He doesn't let anything get in the way of his work. The closeness to the customers, the variety of haircuts and fashions ensure that no two days are ever the same. There is no need to be afraid of the imponderables of the coming digitalization of the working world, jaksch assures: "no machine can replace us."

Whereas digitalization is already leaving its mark on everyday life. The consciousness for the haircut has increased with men, female jaksch. Trendsetters among the younger customers are often fubballers. Customers sometimes came with a smartphone to show how they wanted their hair done. "Some ten year olds have a clear idea of what they want the crown to look like", jaksch is pleased.

Some older customers have been loyal to the salon for over 60 years. You can pay special attention to them in a story like this. Hair reveals a lot about a person and also tells us about their sensitivities. From nutrition to taking medication. Communication behavior has changed. Some men also like to talk at the hairdresser's. "We are also psychologists to a certain extent, jaksch smiles. But from some customers he knows the explicit wish for a "silent haircut".

More appreciation

If you're interested, jaksch can tell you a thing or two about his profession. For example, that in the public discussion his profession is often seen as too close to the minimum wage sector. "If you do a good job, you earn good money", he is convinced.

At the same time, he appealed to customers to respect the craftsmanship of his work. Sometimes it got a little lost.

He values his vacations in italy more than those of his colleagues there. Cars and apartments are smaller, but the consciousness for the appearance is coarser.

Lack of young talent

Wife heike jaksch also knows how much pressure the lack of young talent puts on the company. As a vocational school teacher, she has been teaching shrinking classes for hairdresser trainees in bad kissingen for years.

A look at the statistics (as of the end of 2018) speaks a clear language. According to the report, there were only nine new apprentices in the county in 2018, including one man. There were a total of 22 trainees here, including four mannerists. Lower franconia-wide, 161 new apprentices learned the hairdressing trade in 2018. The fact that 37 men were among this number is taken by the chamber of commerce as a sign that the profession is very interesting for men. 


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