Another infected

In the district of habberge, there are currently 149 confirmed corona virus traps (as of: 29. April, 3 p.M.). This was reported by the district administration yesterday (wednesday). That’s one more case than the day before.

103 citizens are now healthy again. According to this, 42 people are currently infected with the virus. Four people have died so far as a result of the infectious disease covid-19. 124 burgers are in domestic isolation.

Anyone with flu-like symptoms who thinks they have contracted the coronavirus should contact their family doctor by phone. If the general practitioner classifies the patient as a suspected case, the physician reports the data to the district office. Those affected are then given an appointment for a swab (test).

With the expansion of emergency care in daycare centers and schools, the number of children there has increased significantly. Currently, 302 girls and boys are cared for in 55 daycare centers in the habberge district; this corresponds to about eight percent of the approximately 3,500 girls and boys who normally attend daycare centers, day nurseries or day care centers. Last week, 147 children took advantage of the program at 25 daycare centers, according to the district administration office. 93 students are currently being cared for at elementary and middle schools, and six students are being cared for at junior high and high schools. 21 girls and boys take advantage of the emergency care at the two call centers and at the lebenshilfe organization

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