1000 Liters are done

1000 liters are done

It's a great idea that the young tim pistor from buchau already had in january of last year: to donate 1000 liters of apple juice to the kulmbacher tafel with the help of other partners (as already reported in detail).

Yesterday, on the premises of the "tafel the official handover. Representatives of the schwarzach-schmeilsdorf horticultural association, the kulmbach-kronach savings bank, the transition kulmbacher land and of course the tafel were also present.

About 1700 kilograms of apples were needed to press 1120 liters of apple juice in the schwarzach press house. Tim pistor reported that at least 70 hours of help were needed for the 34 press events. "Some happy fruit growers don't know what to do with all the fruit", according to pistor.

In january 2017, the buchauer made the first contact with elfriede hohn from the tafel. Due to the poor harvest, the ambitious project had to be postponed for the time being. "But this year we were able to get off to a flying start. With the sparkasse we could win a sponsor. According to the motto of the transition town movement "simply – do it now" the helpers set to work a few weeks ago and harvested a total of 1700 kilograms of apples from a meadow orchard in buchau.

The horticultural association of schwarzach-schmeilsdorf took over the pressing and filling in practical bags and saved the regular costs of about 210 euro. Only for the filling and the packing material 500 euro were incurred.

According to tim pistor, the next apple season will show whether the model will catch on.

The head of the kulmbach food bank, elfriede hohn, spoke of a great idea, because it would save valuable foodstuffs.

Mayor ralf hartnack also praised tim pistor's exemplary action and the help of the horticultural association.

Edith wagner wished that other wine presses in the district would also be involved in similar campaigns, because the campaign had been very labor-intensive for the horticultural association. 


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