Charly volland received the cross for special merits

Charly volland received the cross for special merits

Karl volland, better known as charly, has been a member of the mochsondheim fire department since 1973. Now he has been honored for his commitment: the honorary district fire chief has been awarded the cross of merit for special services to the fire department. Government president eugen ehmann presented the award this friday morning in wurzburg.

According to a press release from the government of lower franconia, the 61-year-old from monchsondheim was district fire chief from 1989 to 2019, and since 1. April 2019 he is honorary district fire chief in the district of kitzingen. Volland says that during his 30 years as district fire chief, the training of the active firefighters entrusted to his care has been a special concern.

For example, his approach of coordinating youth training at the level of the district fire chief has been preserved throughout the district of kitzingen. In addition, the mochsondheim, according to the announcement, has been involved in forest firefighting precautions and has acted as the responsible incident commander in a large number of operations.


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