Minister kaniber criticized

Minister kaniber criticized

The mood at the moment is anything but good, michaela kaniber (CSU) admitted right at the start of her speech. She also does not want to paint anything in rosy colors. The situation had already been discussed at the meetings held at the "zur sonne" inn assembled farmers also little use. Although there were no demonstrations in lonnerstadt during the minister’s visit, as there had been the day before in kulmbach, there was still a lot of criticism. Nevertheless, the discussion was heated, and the minister had to deal with a lot of criticism.

The farmers have rough problems: forest ban on grassland, orchards as biotopes, dung ordinance and the designation of red areas, reduction of pesticides, water margins and more are giving them a hard time. "The farmer can no longer manage all this in his brain", a farmer from schirnsdorf found. In the process, farmers feel they are being left alone. For all that "the farmers’ association is currently holding back heavily", was heard in lonnerstadt.

The minister of state and her deputy walter nussel could not stop arguing. The drop that "brought the barrel to overflow", was according to the words of the minister the people’s petition "save the bees". By the way, the most successful citizen’s petition of all time, as michaela kaniber emphasized. You can’t let it disappear in a drawer. Now a "companion bill" is being drafted in the state parliament cast in mold. Without changing the target direction, the inadequacies of the petition for a referendum are to be "cured" as far as possible become. What in this accompanying law everything "packed into" the minister tried to mediate.

Above all, one should rely on voluntariness. Not everything is obligatory; individual farm decisions must remain possible. We won’t be able to get by without crop protection either. For walter nussel it is very important that in the future all ordinances must be passed by cabinet. "I’ll fight you to the knife", so nussel.

After all, agriculture, together with the food and forestry industries, is the second most important economic sector in bavaria after the automotive industry. The fact that above all consumer behavior must change brought the speakers applause. The consumer wants organic quality, but is not willing to pay higher prices. If a liter of mineral water costs more than a liter of milk, the minister thinks something is wrong. She believes that the right way "is through the quality of the products".

In the discussion that followed, one speaker rejected the idea that agriculture is to blame for insect mortality. The real reason is "that the cow no longer grazes on the meadow". Another farmer reported how he was photographed at work and called a "dirty glyphosate sprayer" was insulted. Cutting crop protection in half is "distorting competition" for him. His rubies were "completely eaten away" been. The question is "what does the pole or the spaniard do??". The ordinance practically forces him to stop, because he doesn’t know what to do with the money.

He didn’t want to believe the politician that agriculture has a future. "You are our boss, you tell us what to do", he asked the minister. Kaniber saw it the other way around: "I need the practitioners. You must tell me what is right and what is wrong."


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