Sube secrets aired

Sube secrets aired

Michelau beekeeper gerhard pohl initiated a group of children from the sophienheim kindergarten into the sube secret of honey extraction.
The most important preparatory work is, of course, done by the bees, the little ones learned, as they first had a look at the beehive with their two teachers. Completely inadvertently, of course, as the bees outside the barn were intently engaged in their collecting activity.
"What to do when you get stung by a bee?", was an important question, and also for the educators it was new that you should flick away the bee sting with one finger and not pull it out with two fingers. Otherwise even more poison gets into the body. The actual honey extraction then begins with the opening of the combs and the spinning out of the honey.
The kids were also allowed to turn the crank of the centrifuge and observe the rotation of the honeycombs. Finally, there was a tasting of the delicious honey, a natural product, just like the kind you can buy from local beekeepers.


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