Entertaining foretaste of “bamberg zaubert”

entertaining foretaste of

The fox kick-off gala has never been so prominently attended. High-profile guests such as german chancellor angela merkel, udo lindenberg, karl lagerfeld, horst schlammer and many others were drawn to the keilberth hall of the konzerthalle on wednesday evening. Of course only imaginary – but real imitation of the "man of 1000 voices": jorg hammerschmidt. He not only slipped from one prominent role to the next in a matter of seconds, he also acted as emcee during the two-and-a-half-hour variety gala. Besides his voice imitations he showed himself as a joke teller and passionate sanger. And several times in the evening hammerschmidt combined his gifts and loved for example jose carreras singing in duet with julio iglesias.

In addition, the duo "the farellos", among others, provided amusement and good entertainment. The "cleaning woman with their athletic partner they hopped up and down on their unicycle as if it was the most normal thing in the world.
Contortionist bends in airy heights

julius frack took the audience into the world of illusions. He loved his partner to disappear in front of the eyes of the sold out hall or to float in the air. The "snake man" also received a lot of applause david pereira. Whether in the shopping cart or in the airy heights on the vertical scarf, he bent as if he had no bones.

The fastest "quick change the world showed the duo sos and victoria petrosyan. Within two minutes, the artist slipped into 16 different dressing rooms. This act earned the two an entry in the guinness book of records and much admiration from the audience in the hall.

Conclusion: a small, but fine variety show, which knew how to inspire its audience and which, above all, made them want more. Whether, however, the "wish" will be fulfilled of the city marketing chairman alfons distler at the gala opening will be fulfilled, remains to be seen: he hopes that the magical powers will bewitch the flower, fruit and vegetable traders for ever firmly on the maxplatz…


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