The middle school is being renovated at a cost of millions of euros

A lot of money will have to be invested in the partial renovation of the ebern secondary school between 2019 and 2023, especially in the building services, fire alarm systems and electrical installations. This was decided by the school association meeting chaired by ebern mayor jurgen hennemann (SPD) on wednesday in the middle school.

"For years, rehabilitation steps have been planned and we initially talked about a sum of 70 000 euros. This became 900,000 euros, and now at today’s important meeting we are at an investment sum of 3,266,800 euros", said jurgen hennemann. A grant of two million euros is expected.

The renovation is to start in the summer vacations 2019. The fire protection upgrade is to be carried out in six to eight construction phases over the next four years.

"We are left with an own contribution of 1,266,800 euros for the school association middle school", said hennemann. The government will require a general decision from the school association on this matter. According to hennemann, the company’s own contribution is to be financed entirely by loans. An investment levy therefore does not have to be charged. "Credits we have never had before" willi sendel-beck, mayor of rentweinsdorf, said. Hennemann agreed with this, but said that it made sense in this case.

Whether a new building would not be profitable, asked mayor willi sendelbeck. The planner, architect gunther pollach from schweinfurt, thought it over for a moment and quoted the sum for a new building at 18 million euros.

The construction phases have been coordinated with the school management. "The auditorium will have a certain construction site character during the construction period", explained pollach, and this part will be finished last. The architect: "the school management will be significantly challenged in the next four years."

The sanitary facilities are in good condition and are not affected by the renovation, the school association was further informed. Fire protection equipment accounts for a low percentage of the total number of inspections. Chairman hennemann also pointed out that the roof would remain unaffected by the mabnahme.

"Electrical engineering is going to be a big chunk with all the digital connections that need to be taken into account. In terms of ‘digital school,’ we are a model school.", according to jurgen hennemann.

The fee offer of an engineering firm from knetzgau regarding planning services for electrical and fire protection systems for the middle school was discussed and approved. According to the office, both cost groups were combined in the offer, which reduced the fee. The fee claim still amounts to 155 170 euro. Hennemann: "there’s no getting around it." This is how the members of the middle school association decided on these services for the electrical installations.

Toni binder, deputy head of the middle school, said that the school is on the right track in terms of digitalization (digital teaching). The school has 42 ipods that are "constantly on fire" were used. "Creativity is at the forefront of the use of these tools", said binder. This requires a great deal of effort on the part of the instructors who deal with the subject matter and stand behind it, he said. "We always have an eye on further training in this matter at our school", according to the school’s deputy principal.

He also reported that the middle school is envied by other schools because it has been dealing with this topic for some time. This is why the school is in demand and why principal philipp arnold is currently on the road to advise other schools. Schlieblich had a word of praise that the school association was happy to hear: "our community and the school association have long recognized that something needs to be done in the area of digital schools, which is why we are far ahead of the rest."

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