Gb: majority thinks government response too slow

Gb: majority thinks government response too slow

Two-thirds of brits believe the government in london has waited too long to introduce contact restrictions. This is the result of a survey conducted by the opinion research institute ipsos mori.

According to the survey, 66 percent of britons now believe that the government has been too. In a survey two weeks ago, the proportion was 57 percent. The survey was conducted between 24. And 27. April about 1000 adult british.

Prime minister boris johnson, on the other hand, defended the government’s action. "We did the right thing at the right time," the conservative politician said at the daily press conference on thursday. Johnson attended for the first time since his covid 19 illness. Only on monday he had returned to the seat of government in downing street, london, after a sabbatical of several weeks. The country has now passed the peak of the pandemic, johnson said. The numbers of new infections have been slowly declining and that is now reflected in the numbers of victims.

Great britain is now the country with the second most deaths from coronavirus in europe. Only on wednesday, the figure was dramatically revised upwards because deaths in nursing homes and private households had not previously been paid for. By wednesday evening, 26.700 deaths registered from covid-19 lung disease. Only in italy were there more.

But the government in london has also been criticized for the initially low number of tests and the lack of protective clothing for hospital employees. In the meantime, the government increased capacities considerably. Test centers were opened all over the country.

Prime minister boris johnson had announced on 23. March decided to close store and told brits to stay home. The only exceptions are for sports, day-to-day shopping, doctor’s appointments and commuting to work when it is not possible to work from home. However, he did not hold out the prospect of an early relaxation on thursday. But he will present a plan in the coming week, said johnson.

The 55-year-old head of government was hospitalized for a week in the london stadium of the london government due to his infection with the coronavirus.-thomas hospital. For three days, the tory politician even had to be treated in the intensive care unit.


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