The east bypass captures the imagination in gosberg

the east bypass captures the imagination in gosberg

Tension was in the air when everything revolved around the topic of the "ostspange" at the schuhmann inn in gosberg has turned. Invited by the working group "environment and district development of the CSU district association forchheim. The explosive nature of the topic was demonstrated by the packed auditorium. "The central opinion of the burger horen", was the goal of the working group (AK) chairman heinz marquart.

And these are the facts: a total of around 40,000 vehicles currently pass through bayreuther strabe in forchheim and gosberg every day. The federal traffic route plan is revised every five years. In the case of the gosberg bypass, proposals have been submitted by the trench construction office and the affected communities of pinzberg, wiesenthau, kirchehrenbach, weilersbach and forchheim.

An evening without thinking prohibitions
Michael hofmann, who has just entered the bavarian state parliament on behalf of the CSU, took over as moderator. "No thinking bans" he made it clear right away that he wanted to let it stand this evening.

Hofmann informed the audience that the version of the plan presented to the district council in january 2013 was still up to date. The citizens' initiative (BI) is not completely averse to a solution either.
However, BI spokesman heinrich kattenbeck was unable to answer this question. He didn't come to gosberg, although the CSU was "all interested" had invited. Hofmann emphasized the necessity to get into the privileged planning of the federal road network. Only then would there be a chance of realizing an eastern bypass. Its final form, however, still has to be discussed.

"Whoever thinks there is a simple solution here is on the wrong track", said hofmann. No matter which solution is finally implemented, residents will have to suffer.
Hofmann also used the opportunity to take the CSU out of the firing line: "it's not the CSU's fault." He said this especially to the address of the absent kattenbeck.

Instead, the tram construction office had worked out a proposal in the form of a green bond with the five mayors involved. Pinzberg's mayor, reinhard seeber (CSU), has already admitted elsewhere, however, that a project of this kind would not be feasible at the municipal or district level. Millions of euros would otherwise remain in the hands of the municipality. There was a "small rough solution". Despite inquiries, however, everyone was left in the dark as to what exactly this is supposed to look like.

Seeber referred to the approval of the municipal council of 5. March 2012 on the "green belt. "Where there's a will, there's a way, said seeber, also aiming at kattenbeck. Seeber accused him of being fickle and not very reliable in this matter.

What came out of gosberg was a colorful bouquet of ideas. Oliver pohl from wiesenthau, for example, complained about the "medical valley from siemens in forchheim. The economic lobby and not the politicians determined.

Appeal to the address of the BI
Klaus hofmann from kirchehrenbach, amid cries of protest from opponents, doubted that the rail line to ebermannstadt could really be economical.

One could build a road here and at the same time have a bypass for all the neighboring towns and villages. And also ebermannstadt would be relieved. Albert schutze from forchheim saw it similarly. The route must be used more sensibly, he says – and he was applauded for it.

Walter hofmann advocated "smaller solutions, before making it a rough project. "Who is against everything", he said to the citizens' initiative "must not be surprised if people then want to include the railroad line themselves".
Claudia weisel from dobenreuth, meanwhile, suggested making through traffic unattractive by creating as many traffic obstacles as possible in gosberg and dobenreuth. In your opinion, this will help to reduce heavy traffic. The bypass must not be made at the expense of dobenreuth, kunreuth and weingarts.

No horror scenarios please!
Christian kier from ebermannstadt fears an increase in heavy traffic. In his opinion, this is a danger for a school town like ebermannstadt. "Do we want a highway? Or a bypass to relieve the burger", asked old burgermeister ernst drummer from wiesenthau. He belongs to the BI and could imagine a bypass between gosberg and dobenreuth. "The more we expand, the more traffic we get", silvia munch from pinzberg warned afterwards.

"A solution that also takes the opponents with it", wishes local councillor marcus steurer. He would like to optimize the railroad line and is in favor of the eastern bypass. Steurer warned against spreading horror scenarios and would like to see a round table instead. Participants from all affected localities took part in the discussion.

Ideas have been put forward that, for the first time, open up the prospect of a substantive dialogue. But the many variants also give an idea of how difficult it is to find a common path.


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