Farewell after 43 years: the end of an era

Farewell after 43 years: the end of an era

All employees as well as some guests and companions had gathered in the company building in rhonstrabe for the occasion, according to a company press release.

"Time to say goodbye, this is how peter klimt wrote his farewell speech to the staff. In

In moving words, he recalled his time at gulich with all its highs and lows. Peter

Klimt thanked the staff and all the departures, without whose support such a long year would not have been possible

Commitment would not have been possible. He expressed special thanks to his wife ulla klimt, who also worked for the company for 23 years and was mainly responsible for the accounting department. She also said goodbye to the company on this day.

Honors for 25 years of service to the company

Peter klimt’s last official act was to honor two deserving employees for 25 years of service to the company. Brigitte gundling from kronungen and thomas maunz from garitz competed together on the 1. He joined the gulich company on march 1995. Gundling, who had already been employed at gulich for twelve years and began her vocational training at the company in 1974, is considered a real all-round talent. Thanks to her in-depth knowledge, she was deployed over the years in the sales, shipping and accounting departments, among others. Maunz, who after studying for a degree in business administration (FH) initially gained professional experience in renowned companies, came to the company gulich as a career changer. Due to his good comprehension skills, he quickly worked his way into his position as an internal sales representative and is still held in high esteem by his customers and business partners today. Both jubilarians were then awarded the honorary certificate of the wurzburg-schweinfurt chamber of commerce and industry.


As peter klimt’s successor, the new managing director, sebastian wetzel, gave the eulogy for his predecessor. "Today not only their personal professional lives come to an end. After more than 70 years, the era of the klimt family at the gulich company also ends today." Wetzel also remembered the ancestors of the current generation, namely peter klimt’s grandfather carl klimt, who founded the company on the 23rd of august. To gert klimt, who managed the company from 1969 to 1997 and laid the foundation stone for the company’s current location in eltingshausen.

Until it was sold to rema tip top AG in poing near munich in 2016, the company thus operated as a pure family business for three generations.Sebastian wetzel reminded everyone present of his predecessor’s career and thanked the klimt couple for their great commitment over the years on behalf of the entire workforce. "Both of their extensive knowledge, their ability to cope even in difficult situations

Situations to keep a cool head, and their contacts grown over many decades

Goods and are an immeasurable treasure for us", so wetzel.


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