Lander aim for changed university admissions system

Lander aim for changed university admissions system

The federal states want to change admission to medical school by state treaty. They want to respond to a ruling of the federal constitutional court on the admission of students, as the german press agency learned from circles of the lander.

Her ministers of education see an "immediate need for action," it continued. The conference of education ministers should pursue a change or a new version of a state treaty.

Karlsruhe had on 19. December decided that the procedure for awarding medical student places is partly unconstitutional and must be reorganized by the end of 2019. According to dpa information, a state working group on the state treaty on university admissions has met once so far under the chairmanship of hamburg.

At a meeting of the heads of the education ministries of the federal states this thursday in berlin, the working group will present a report with proposals for the further procedure and options for action, it was announced. Decisions are not yet planned.

For the winter semester, there were almost 9200 medical student places available for almost 43 applicants.200 applicants. One-fifth of the places are awarded to applicants with a grade of 1.0 to 1.2. Another fifth will be awarded after waiting – 14 to 15 semesters. The remaining 60 percent of the places can be allocated by the universities in a separate selection process. But here, too, the school-leaving grade plays an important role.

The judges had confirmed in principle the legitimacy of the admissions appeal by a numerus clausus. They criticized, however, among other things, a mandatory determination of six desired places of study in the distribution according to abitur grades. In addition, universities had to follow their own selection procedures in a standardized and transparent way.

The conference of education ministers already pointed out after the ruling that the selection procedure of the universities had to be supplemented by at least one additional selection criterion that was not based on school grades, and that state regulations on the selection procedures of the universities had to be revised.

It remains to be seen whether the federal government will change the regulations in the higher education framework law. Their own planned steps should be independent of a federal decision, lander says.


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