The indoor swimming pool is still not off the table

While the supporters gather forces, mayor helmut blank wants legal certainty for the demolition decision. He will let the city council decide on the awarding of the contract.

After the 12. December the city council sealed the fate of munnerstadt’s indoor swimming pool by majority vote, but the matter is far from off the table. In a letter sent by the chairman of the burgerbad munnerstadt association, wolfgang blumlein, and signed by "der vorstand" signed letter, the club’s leadership once again addresses the issue. In doing so, the authors underline the tenor of a newspaper commentary, after the topic has become a literal pain in the neck for many people and it was time that a decision was made. "The issue is also getting on our nerves! The question is whether this is a reason to simply take things for granted now", states in the letter.

Then the supporters of the indoor swimming pool respond to the opponents’ arguments that the pool is in danger of collapsing, is contaminated with pollutants and that renovation is too expensive. The CSU and neue wege city councils, which secured the majority for the demolition with eleven votes, are accused of not caring that the city may have to pay for the entire demolition, that the sum has already increased, and that there may soon be even more financial support for the maintenance and operation of the indoor pool. "Yes, we are also fed up with this issue. The question is: is this a good enough reason to pull in head and tail??", it says in the letter, which begins with the sentence: "please stay by our side" ends.

After the demolition decision, there has not yet been a meeting of the indoor swimming pool friends because of the holidays, says wolfgang blumlein. It is not yet certain what will happen next. "We will now meet in the new year with renewed vigor", he says.

In the recent past, supporters of the demolition have repeatedly pointed out the possible loss of funds for the demolition. Because this demand program expires on 31. December of this year. Until then, the proof of use must be available. Despite this deadline, nothing has happened so far. And this has only one reason: the complaint of city councilor leo pfennig (factionless). This is mainly directed against the authorization of the mayor to award the contract for the demolition alone. This passage was part of the decision to demolish the building. Until he has legal certainty, helmut blank will do nothing about demolition. "In the middle of next week, i will receive a decision from the legal supervisory authority", he says. The basic decision will not change, the demolition has been decided by a majority. As far as power is concerned, helmut blank makes it quite clear: "of course i will leave the decision on the awarding of the contract to the town council. I have always done so in recent years", he emphasizes. Never in his life he would decide on such a high sum alone. The resolution was merely formulated "so that we can work.


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