Rare motif adorns mary’s portrait in the bucher chapel

Rare motif adorns mary's portrait in the bucher chapel

The image of the virgin mary in the buch chapel dates from 1673 and was completely restored during the renovation of the chapel. The result was presented to the public at the inauguration of the renovated church.
This is a very common presentation of the game. It shows mary with the infant jesus holding a goldfinch, a symbol of passion.

Two coats of arms in the picture

The model for the painting in buch is albrecht altdorfer’s woodcut from 1519, which in turn is based on an image of grace from the old chapel in regensburg. On the painting in the marienkapelle in buch there are also two coats of arms in the lower left corner. In the case of the left red coat of arms, the family can unfortunately no longer be determined from the coat of arms. The coat of arms on the right is clearly the coat of arms of the graf schenk von stauffenberg family. The letters below refer to catharina sophia eyb, grafin schenkin von stauffenberg, who was the sister of bamberger furstbischoff marquard sebastian schenk von stauffenberg. The left coat of arms is therefore probably the coat of arms of the von eyb family. How the picture, whose frame is clearly younger (about 1750/60), came to buch is currently still being investigated. The painter has also yet to be identified.


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