The hair in crisis: hairdressers give tips for immediate help

The hair in crisis: hairdressers give tips for immediate help

With the exit restriction, the hairdressers have also closed here. Nevertheless, you should not try to shorten your hair yourself: hairdressers explain why – and what you can still do.

The google queries for "cut your own hair" have skyrocketed since mid march. But hairdressers advise against doing it yourself. There are many things that can go wrong. A 5-euro hair color from the drugstore can quickly lead to a 200-euro visit to the hairdresser, says master hairdresser jacqueline mattes, managing director at JM hairkonzept. Nevertheless, the hairdressers give a few tips: with these you can hold out until you have bleached again.

The right short

The hairdressers naturally recommend to wait for the next visit. "The cutting is very personalized. Shapes and proportions play a role here: the shape of the face or the way the eyes are positioned in relation to each other, says alexandra kober, salon owner of the hairdresser am sinnberg. Also note: growing out your failed haircut may take longer than the initial condition.

Nevertheless, there are places where too long hairs simply stubbornly stagnate. Master hairdresser hans-knut thoma of the thoma hairdressing salon says: "if the bangs are too long, use small scissors – preferably nail scissors – to carefully cut them short." The danger that it will be too short is relatively small. "It is important to hold the bangs loosely", adds master hairdresser jacqueline mattes.

But watch out: "even if your partner does it: if you go in clumsily or without feeling, you will quickly lose a corner", means the hairdresser master. Mattes says: "the bangs are very special, because they are immediately noticeable. If it doesn’t fit, you quickly feel uncomfortable." Then it is better to rearrange the hairstyle, to take the bangs back or to the side, she says.

Short hairstyles can be restyled, this is also possible with firmer hairstyling products, rat mattes. If it’s still unbearable, thoma gives the following tip: "what bothers many with a short hairstyle is the growing hair around the ears". There simply carefully with nail scissors short. The men can also use the attachment to their razor to bring the sideburns into shape and clean the neck."

Colors and bleaching

When it comes to bleaching, master hairdresser and certified colorist alexandra kober explains: "a hairdresser first has to analyze the initial color well and can then mix a color. The condition of the scalp also plays a role here." On the whole, the mixture is very individually tailored to the customers, he says. It’s also difficult when it comes to color: "everyone gets a formula with a mixture of at least three color shades." Eye or skin color also played a role here", says kober.

Thoma says: "I would advise against self-painting. The danger of doing something wrong is very rough. The damage caused by this is difficult to repair and requires a great deal of effort". He goes into detail: "some people try to bleach their hair, but it’s not predictable for the layman what will come out of it." If you dye several times to get the desired result, the hair will quickly be damaged and may break. Mattes adds: "if you have too strong an oxidant and too much warmth, you can also get a scalp injury or toxic shock."

"With the color is then mostly the problem that it becomes too dark. Or there will be an unexpected "red tinge", tells thoma. This happens when the wrong product is used. On the question of what can go wrong, kober says: "it can be anything from a burr, to hair breaking off, to health aspects." Because if things go very badly, you have an allergic reaction to the product you bought at the drugstore.

Quickly noticeable is an unwanted hairline: "I would not do anything with it, it’s the worst there", says thoma. If your hairline is bothering you, here are some tips: "try to change your hairstyle to cover it up. Sometimes it helps if you tousle your hair a little at the roots", says thoma. Try using a hair powder or hair pencil, which will last until the next hair wash. Among other things, matte’s tip is to use a color fixer. For dark hair, according to thoma, an eyebrow pencil or mascara works.

Under the motto "show your approach" participants in a campaign refrain from recoloring their approach. Demonstrating that they are waiting for their hairdressers. "When we are open again, we will naturally see to it that all customers are served as quickly as possible", says kober and holds out the prospect of extended opening hours. Thoma calms down: "and always remember: the other people do not look different either." And here the exit restriction has its good: at the moment you should not meet anyone anyway.


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