Electric bicycles were the rage

A heiber tip from expert karin petereder before the celebrity bike tour at the health days: "the more leisurely you ride, the more you are supported." And off they went for the participating "celebs." But they made up only the smallest part of the visitors. Without being able to name a number – in previous years it was between 3,000 and 4,000 – the head of administration, matthias lutsch, noted an immense rush this year.
The rehabilitation center’s grounds were crowded by large and small, foreign and local, many to listen to presentations on health topics, to get an impression of the facility, or to rent an electric bicycle (e-bike). Cycling with support was the focus this time.
Health and prevention have a higher priority than before. "Preserving health" and "restoring health the people are interested, as are the treatment possibilities. The health days last weekend provided an opportunity to find out more about the program. Many exhibitors, but also self-help groups were there, giving tips about products and services. Those who wanted to could have their blood sugar and blood pressure measured or test their reflexes on the reaction wall. Already on saturday birgit frings-loskill from the rehabilitation center was very pleased with the response. In addition to the social program, the entertainment, food and drinks on offer were also very well received. Kurkapelle and "historical ladies gave a rendezvous.
The "highlight but this year the movelo-show-truck, which was accompanied by a lot of music and offered the possibility to test e-bikes, was a real highlight. The team had more than 40 such bikes from various manufacturers and with a wide range of equipment. The bavarian red cross was on hand with an ambulance and explained its technical capabilities to interested visitors. Fortunately, neither the BRK nor the local fire department had to become active because of emergencies. They had to fight with drivers who did not understand the overstretched parking situation on the mountain.
The patron of the event was anja weisgerber from the european parliament, who also gave the opening speech. She praised the rehabilitation and prevention center for its "innovative concepts"." The environment also contributes to recovery: "guests from near and far come to our beautiful rhon. At the same time, they were able to get to know the french hospitality." She pleaded for the EU to become active in cross-border coordination in the field of prevention. Although it is possible for europeans to use health services abroad, most of them prefer to be treated in their home country: "the reasons are the relationship of trust with the doctor, the proximity to the place of residence and language barriers", according to weisgerber. She praised the dual system of nurse training in germany. Trainees were integrated into the work process and were able to gain valuable experience for their future careers. In the dual system, theory and practice are very well balanced. She is committed to ensuring that in the future, too, education does not depend on school-leaving qualifications. She rejects the idea of high school graduation as a basic requirement for taking up a nursing profession, because: "enthusiasm for the profession is very important here." One advantage of europe is that research can take place across borders and that research results are immediately available in every country.
District administrator thomas bold said that the home region is the health care industry and trendsetter: "over 40 clinics in the bader region speak a clear language." Qualified providers for health care are located. Nevertheless, the shortage of skilled workers is also becoming more noticeable in the region, and this must be counteracted. People re-entering the profession must be given opportunities for qualification. In addition to vocational training, in-service qualifications had to be introduced.
According to mayor wolfgang back, the goal of the market town of bad bocklet is to develop the town as a health center. He acknowledged the "excellent work", the medical services provided at the clinic, because a health resort is also characterized by its medical competence.


Kronacher baumarkte rely on glyphosate alternatives

Packaging looks the same as before. Green or yellow bottles with sprayer. Their names: "vorox, "weed-free and also "roundup. The very product made famous by the weedkiller glyphosate. "But even that is now available glyphosate-free", says peter witton (alliance 90/the greens).

The councillor and doctor from kronach, who has been involved in the fight against glyphosate for several years, tested three kronach stores to see if products containing glyphosate were still being sold. "I am basically satisfied, but I would like to see it abolished at baywa for private customers as well", is his conclusion.

The middle franconian running elite is expected

the middle franconian running elite is expected

Preparations for the 21-kilometer race are in full swing. The first edition of the strabenlauf, which TSV neuhaus is organizing as the opening event for the BLV run cup 2013, will take place tomorrow (saturday). Clubs from all over bavaria are expected, but also the running elite from central franconia will go to the start in the race over ten kilometers. Because at the same time the district champions are determined at the strabenlauf, and also in the senior classes titles are awarded.
Like last year, the german cross championships fall in dornstetten (wurttemberg)
on the same date as the neuhauser strabenlauf. Therefore, the resonance of the strong clubs from southern and northern bavaria will be limited. Nevertheless, there are already more than 450 registrations. However, since not everyone is included in the current entry list, the organizers are assuming an impressive number of well over 500 participants. Sandra haderlein from SC kemmern is the favorite in the women’s race. The winner from 2011 and 2012, angela kuhnlein, considered a start in neuhaus, but will arrive in nurnberg on saturday morning, coming from a training camp. If there is no delay of the flight, it could still work out with a start on the last printer.
The situation is different in the strongly contested 10 km race. How far the top triathletes swen sundberg from TV erlangen or even the five-headed triathlon team arndt will have a say, will be seen on saturday. If a fast leading group is formed from the beginning, the course record of christian dirscherl with 32:38 min. To be broken. As a favorite is sebastian reinwand of the team memmert traded. In 2012, he set his best 10 km time at 29:55 min. Screwed down. The newly crowned bavarian cross country team champions of the LAC quelle furth also want to be in the mix. Dominik mages and patrick weiler showed a clear improvement in performance in markt indersdorf. Whether patrick weiler can repeat his last year’s victory is more than questionable. Around 70 volunteers are on duty to provide a good environment for the bambini, schoolchildren and young people, as well as hobby and main runners, who start in the supporting program.

The course has been redesigned

it will be interesting not only for the insiders, but also for the spectators, as a total of five competitions will be offered. The race will be run on a newly designed course, mainly on asphalted roads, the start and finish area is located at the sports center of TSV neuhaus. The hobby runners and walkers have to complete one lap, the participants of the main run have to complete the course twice. A large school team from adelsdorf, which already surprised everyone last year with its good performance, will also be at the starting line.

The starting times

12 o’clock: school run 1 over 1.3 kilometers
12.3 p.M.: school run 2 over 2.3 kilometers
12.45 o’clock: hobby run and walking over six kilometers
13.45 o’clock: bambinilauf over 400 meters
14.3 p.M.: main run over ten kilometers


Researcher warns of “epidemic of loneliness” because of corona

Researcher warns of

At least one and a half meters away, is an important corona rule. Many people have become much more distant from each other. They live alone in their four walls and have hardly any contact with other people.

"The number of people with almost no human contact in a coarse city is greater than you might think," says the head of the counseling and pastoral care department at the hamburg diaconal agency, stefan deutschmann. During the first phase of the corona pandemic, between mid-march and mid-may, hamburg's telephone helpline received 25 to 30 percent more calls than usual. "Many calls are an expression of people's deep loneliness," says deutschmann.

Matthias maurer on his way into space: “space is addictive”

Matthias maurer on his way into space: 'space is addictive'

When esa chief jan worner finishes his sentence, the european astronaut center in poland goes quiet for the first time. One or the other in the audience murmurs an "oh!" To himself – then bursts of applause.

Worner, director general of the european space agency, has just made a promise to german astronaut matthias maurer. His sentence read: "we will manage to get it flown within the next three years."Which means no less than that maurer’s dream and that of many others shall come true: the next german will soon fly into space.

Eberner celebrate the first victory

After the 1.5:6.5 defeat of the ebern chess team at the start of the season against sonneberg, the team played a 5:3 victory at SC 1868 bamberg IV on the second day of play in the district league of upper franconia west and thus celebrated its first sense of achievement in its new environment. But it was a hard slog before success was achieved. The points on boards two, three and four, where volker krenz, klaus vollkommer and florian buschbeck were victorious, were decisive. Without a fight, nikolaus schober got another payer, so that the people of ebern had at least already secured a draw once. With the draws of wolfgang messingschlager and hans hosl the TVE put the lid on it. Niklas ankenbrand and rudolf messingschlager had to accept defeats, but they didn't hurt anymore.

Moved up to 6th place

With this success, the team from ebern moved up to 6th place in the district league with a balanced points account and thus gained further self-confidence for the upcoming tasks. On the third day of competition, the team awaits the 24. November, the SC bamberg III, a task that was even more difficult than the fourth set of the SC bamberg. 

First step to the officer

Of the original 589 trainees who started the officer training course on the third of july, 448 have remained so far. Most of them successfully passed the course, but some have to attend a four-week refresher course. "This is the first step in their officer training and lays the foundation for further training and training to become an officer.", summed up the battalion commander, lieutenant colonel simon leidner.

March of solidarity

Lieutenant colonel leidner remembered the comrades in action who could not spend christmas with their families. In order to remind the prospective officers of the special challenges of the soldier's profession, they took part in the 11. September with a 63-strong voluntary delegation on the third stage of the "march of unity from burgstadt to kleinheubach part. The march of solidarity organized by the bavarian reservist association sets a sign of solidarity in the homeland for the soldiers on deployment abroad. This year the final stage ended on the 16th. September in hammelburg.
In recognition and remembrance of the participation, the reservist association awarded the "yellow ribbon" to the officers' warden battalion 2. In the greeting of the chairman of the bavarian state group, prof. Dr. Friedwart lender, he explained the significance of the march of connectedness. With regard to the officer candidates, he emphasized that they are the next generation who will represent the federal republic of germany in foreign missions. "It distinguishes them that they already and voluntarily deal with this rough responsibility", lender concluded his speech.
In front of the enlisted soldiers, lieutenant colonel leidner looked back on the other highlights of the past six months. The swearing-in ceremony in bad bocklet took place in front of more than 2500 spectators. As part of their training, the officer trainees visited the "information training country" in munster on the luneburg heath.

“Lufos” are in top form

Led by the "mixed triumvirate" to the music of daddy cool all actors gave their best. The performances were accompanied by the usual entertaining band "oldie mix".
The most powerful fighting unit of the foasenachter, the "ingwaonen", inspired quasi as a whip the audience with a skillful performance. A little later, the youngest members of the club, under the direction of nina haring, disguised as "flower children, brave and committed to. The audience could only smile and rewarded the performance with a standing ovation.
Luisa kappe convinced for the third time as butt speaker. In her funny speech she described the annual christmas stress and revealed that a playmobil man had to be used as a substitute because the manger figure of jesus fell down and broke.
Mexican chickens freshly hatched from their eggs caused their breeder enormous problems. The startled chickens mocked this in corresponding darkness with show and dance interludes. Police officer lukas kappe then brought the astonished and captivated "gravel drivers in the hall, the meaning of important traffic signs was explained humorously but also emphatically.

Altengluck instead of alpine view
About his experiences during a stay at a health resort in bad tolz hans prasser humorously recounted. In his witty butt speech, he described, among other things, how the luxury residence "alpenblick" that he had booked as a senior citizen "altengluck turned out.
Dancing skillfully showed the group "hiphop" to the music of daddy cool their struggle in the new york slums. The herzblatt group then showed their class with visions and dreams that the mayor of ludstadt went through on the occasion of a train ride. Highly interesting ludwigsstadt sites of the year 2025 were approached by suburban train. Pictures for example of the university rosa meinhardt and the castle lauenstein exceeded even the imagination of the audience.
Witty and cheeky hermine and the town lady quitsche led over to the second part. This one was inspired by the "gifted corpses" opened in the usual safe sequence of steps amidst storms of applause. As a young senior dieter bar in the butt inspired. In his witty butt speech he described life on the threshold of time – no longer young and not yet old. Instead of surfing the computer and tweeting, he now goes to the park to feed the ducks.
How difficult it actually is to speak "german-turkish" correctly to learn, the "ottendorfer" showed in a censorship released lecture from a grobstadt school class. Smiling, but also thoughtful, the audience gave the troupe a round of applause.

Five of the 78 puppies are now at the coburg animal shelter

five of the 78 puppies are now at the coburg animal shelter

At first sight there is nothing wrong with them. The five snub-nosed puppies scurry through the quarantine room, sniffing at the incoming visitors and not at all scared. But veterinarian joachim lessing does not hide the danger they were exposed to. "They had not survived the transport to belgium. They were lucky to be discovered in time", he says. The five little dogs that were taken in on saturday at the animal shelter on the brandenstein level were supposed to be transported from the czech republic to belgium in the trunk of a car – crammed into plastic mesh boxes. The police stopped the illegal transport of animals on the highway near werneck (schweinfurt district) and alerted the veterinary office at the schweinfurt district office.

Then everything happened very quickly – and it had to if the lives of the puppies, who were only a few months old, were to be saved. "The animal protection agency took the matter in hand and called animal shelters in the area", says sandra bauer, manager of the coburg facility. At 7 o'clock the vehicle with the dogs had been stopped, at 13 o'clock all the animals were already distributed. "We picked up the five puppies from the animal shelter in schwebheim. They were temporarily housed there."

The hair in crisis: hairdressers give tips for immediate help

The hair in crisis: hairdressers give tips for immediate help

With the exit restriction, the hairdressers have also closed here. Nevertheless, you should not try to shorten your hair yourself: hairdressers explain why – and what you can still do.

The google queries for "cut your own hair" have skyrocketed since mid march. But hairdressers advise against doing it yourself. There are many things that can go wrong. A 5-euro hair color from the drugstore can quickly lead to a 200-euro visit to the hairdresser, says master hairdresser jacqueline mattes, managing director at JM hairkonzept. Nevertheless, the hairdressers give a few tips: with these you can hold out until you have bleached again.