Rare motif adorns mary’s portrait in the bucher chapel

Rare motif adorns mary's portrait in the bucher chapel

The image of the virgin mary in the buch chapel dates from 1673 and was completely restored during the renovation of the chapel. The result was presented to the public at the inauguration of the renovated church.
This is a very common presentation of the game. It shows mary with the infant jesus holding a goldfinch, a symbol of passion.

Two coats of arms in the picture

The model for the painting in buch is albrecht altdorfer’s woodcut from 1519, which in turn is based on an image of grace from the old chapel in regensburg. On the painting in the marienkapelle in buch there are also two coats of arms in the lower left corner. In the case of the left red coat of arms, the family can unfortunately no longer be determined from the coat of arms. The coat of arms on the right is clearly the coat of arms of the graf schenk von stauffenberg family. The letters below refer to catharina sophia eyb, grafin schenkin von stauffenberg, who was the sister of bamberger furstbischoff marquard sebastian schenk von stauffenberg. The left coat of arms is therefore probably the coat of arms of the von eyb family. How the picture, whose frame is clearly younger (about 1750/60), came to buch is currently still being investigated. The painter has also yet to be identified.

Flying cars and covered roofs: how to protect my property from tornadoes

First it hit viersen in north rhine-westphalia, then gieben in hesse. Tornadoes are not only in america – in germany, too, there is a growing fear of the dangerous air vortex that rips the roofs off houses, lifts cars into the air and sends people into a panic. Especially in times when the weather warnings of the german weather service pile up, the question arises: if upper franconia is hit by a tornado, how do I behave correctly and how do I protect my house??

Can tornadoes be predicted?

"It's meteorologically impossible over long periods of time because tornadoes are very small-scale and short-lived.", explains andreas friedrich, tornado officer of the german meteorological service (DWD). "We can't detect tornadoes with weather radar or satellites." However, a risk potential for up to 36 hours could be identified in advance. However, this only means: there is an increased tendency for tornadoes to occur in a region, and then these are roughly areas of entire federal states or parts of flat states.

Sand mining: environmentalists ask, district office answers

Sand mining: environmentalists ask, district office answers

For some, the landscape of the mainschleife is in danger; for others, the extraction of raw materials such as sand and gravel is vital for survival. This is the action alliance of the volkach chapter of the bund naturschutz (BN), the local chapter of bundnis 90/die grunen, the burgerliste, the lama landschaftsschutz mainschleife association and the burgerinitiative erhalt der nordheimer au on the one hand and the company lenz ziegler reifenscheid (LZR) on the other hand. Their application for a further extension of the mining permit at the elgersheimer hof near fahr had been rejected by the volkach city council . But it is not the city, but the county council that decides. Why this is so and what particularly angers the conservationists, we answer here.

Why has the LZR company been allowed to mine sand and gravel at the elgersheimer hof for over 30 years??

Vacation spab program: marktbreiter kids go diving

vacation spab program: marktbreiter kids go diving

Wooden boards are lying on the ground, the sound of hammers can be heard in marktbreit. Children run through the neighborhood to fetch building materials. They hand the wooden boards to their team members, who put them in position. With a hammer in hand, they get out. Metal meets metal. After a few beats, another part is mounted in marktbreiter huttendorf.

90 children built their hats

For a week, children between the ages of nine and 14 built various wooden hats on the river main. 90 children take part in the marktbreiter ferienpass event every year. The program lasted seven hours a day. The huttendorf was organized by the youth center with the support of the forderverein and the city of huttendorf. The building yard had provided the construction materials. 20 volunteers looked after the children.

Biden: trump has capitulated to the coronavirus

Biden: trump has capitulated to the coronavirus

In the battle for the woman’s house, the corona crisis is coming back into focus with a vengeance on the home stretch.

Infections in the u.S. Are at a record high – and with corona traps in vice president mike pence’s immediate entourage, the virus is spreading to the top machetagen for the second time in just a few weeks. President donald trump, meanwhile, insists in his numerous campaign appearances that u.S. Will soon put the crisis behind it.

School needs more classrooms

The burgebrach market is setting up three hotspots for free connection to the WLAN network. First mayor johannes maciejonczyk (CSU) informed the market town council about the bavarian wireless LAN program of the free state of bavaria. Accordingly, up to three hotspot locations with 2500 euros each are demanded. In the run-up to the game, an inspection was carried out by a specialist company, which carried out measurements to optimize the locations.

A facility on the roof of the town hall covers the eastern area along the main street, the location of the burgerhaus covers the eastern church square and the western forecourt of the burgerhaus. A connection is also possible in the future in the steigerwaldhalle and its surroundings. The construction of the three locations costs around 11000 euros. After deduction of the demand, the market town of burgebrach has an own contribution of around 3500 euros.

Cattle farmers should get durre-help

Cattle farmers should get durre-help

In view of the impending shortage of fodder for livestock in many regions of germany, livestock farmers can count on rapid emergency aid.

Federal agriculture minister julia klockner (CDU) spoke in berlin of an alarming situation and promised rapid support – also in order to avoid emergency slaughtering. The states are now to quickly present aid programs, which the federal government will then support.

Brose bamberg still in a bad way

Brose bamberg still in a bad way

The brose basketball team from bamberg missed a good chance to establish themselves in the top group of the very evenly matched champions league group C. In the first five minutes of the final quarter, hapoel jerusalem’s star ensemble, which was by no means overpowering, took advantage of bamberg’s inadequacies in defense, turned the tide with a 16:3 run, cleverly saved the narrow lead over time and celebrated the 88:85 (41:43) victory.

Tyrese rice, who did not have his best day (21 percent from the field) and often got bogged down in individual actions, was able to force an extension 1.3 seconds before the end: the ball danced around on the ring after his distance shot from almost ten meters, but did not fall into the basket.

The “weibe rossl” at the bamberger theater: the pure lust for kitsch and cliche

Operetta or singspiel in the spoken theater, which often takes place by guest performance, because the own actors can sing, but are no professionals. But if you listen to such fresh singing as that of stefan herrmann, then you will be happy about the unused vocal virtues.

The wurzburger played the leading role in the production of the classic "im weiben rossl" at the bamberger e.T.A.-hoffmann theater, which had its premiere on saturday in the version by the pfister siblings and was largely ventured with the company’s own ensemble. And won!

Munnerstadt: one step closer to demolition

Munnerstadt: one step closer to demolition

"We waited a little longer", says mayor helmut blank. The deadline for appeals had already expired on whitsun monday. Until then, the signatories of the citizens’ petition "preservation of the indoor swimming pool – swimming instead of demolition could file a complaint with the administrative court of wurzburg against the majority decision of the munnerstadt city council, after the citizens’ petition is inadmissible.

This did not happen. "We have been able to change the city council’s decision of 20. May awarded the required preparatory studies", according to the city council. These are necessary for the demolition of the indoor swimming pool. The contract was awarded on friday.