Suter wins small crystal ball in downhill race

Suter wins small crystal ball in downhill race

Corinne suter’s tears of glory and joy were already rolling when the downhill race in crans-montana was still in full swing.

After just a few starters, the swiss skier had the certainty of winning the discipline world cup in downhill for the first time in her career. Before the world cup final in mid march in the noble italian ski resort of cortina d’ampezzo, the 25-year-old, who finished second in the downhill, as she did the day before, can no longer take the small crystal globe out of reach.

Bad kissingen wants to get to grips with summertime

Bad kissingen wants to get to grips with summertime

In the fight for overnight guests, bad kissingen has been using the motto "time" since this year. "Discover the time", is the slogan with which the city and the public baths present themselves to the public. The city now wants to go one step further. On the initiative of the economic demandor michael wieden, it is to be investigated to what extent bad kissingen can take on a nationwide pioneering role in the phasing out of daylight saving time.

There are two reasons for this from wieden’s point of view. "Over 75 percent of germans want to get out", he said in the economic committee. And: "the topic has a first background, which concerns our core competence health." The economic promoter refers to medical findings from various disciplines – including chronobiology, sleep research and neurology – which assess the time change as unhealthy. Among others, professor till roenneberg (LMU munich) and professor emerita anna wirz-justice (universitat basel) are available as expert advisors. The city works with "reputable scientists who have an appropriate reputation in research, the public and the companies", emphasized how. The project is not just a crazy idea, but will help to further raise the profile of the town as a health location. He expects this to attract widespread public attention. "There is a media benefit if we do this in a serious way and not in a flashy way."

Kulmbach drug trafficker gets another chance to prove himself

Kulmbach drug trafficker gets another chance to prove himself

The defendant is alleged to have trafficked in narcotics mainly with underage "customers" have operated. In the end, however, the 24-year-old got off lightly, i.E. A custodial sentence, of which. One year and nine months was the sentence handed down by presiding judge michael eckstein after a hearing lasting just under five hours. The sentence was suspended for three years on probation. The decisive factor for the lenient sentence was that the young defendant had otherwise completed an orderly life, from graduating from school to completing vocational training. He had not yet come into contact with the law and was fully confessed.

As prosecutor daniel gotz reported from the indictment, the defendant was engaged in a large-scale trade in narcotics in the kulmbach area at the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017. He did several drug deals with 15- and 16-year-olds, sold marijuana in small quantities for at least 10 euros each in at least three cases. At the beginning of february, the young man from kulmbach, germany, smuggled 90 grams from a hashish plate, which he had previously bought in bayreuth for 900 euros. He used 15 grams of hashish for his own consumption, the rest of the narcotics he doped for 15 euros a gram.

Mini portions for euro crisis countries

Mini portions for euro crisis countries

It relies on strategies that have been used for years in emerging countries in africa and asia: smaller portions or packaging without frills, so that even customers with shrunken wallets stay with the manufacturer. The industry seems to agree that the economic crisis will depress sales expectations in the countries for years to come.

"If a spaniard only spends an average of 17 euros per purchase, then i can’t sell him detergent for half his budget," said unilever europe boss jan zijderveld to the "financial times deutschland" (monday edition). "In indonesia, we sell individual packages of shampoo for two to three cents and still earn a good amount of money," says the company’s CEO. "We know how to do it, but in europe we forgot how to do it in the years before the crisis."

1000 Liters are done

1000 liters are done

It's a great idea that the young tim pistor from buchau already had in january of last year: to donate 1000 liters of apple juice to the kulmbacher tafel with the help of other partners (as already reported in detail).

Yesterday, on the premises of the "tafel the official handover. Representatives of the schwarzach-schmeilsdorf horticultural association, the kulmbach-kronach savings bank, the transition kulmbacher land and of course the tafel were also present.

Another infected

In the district of habberge, there are currently 149 confirmed corona virus traps (as of: 29. April, 3 p.M.). This was reported by the district administration yesterday (wednesday). That’s one more case than the day before.

103 citizens are now healthy again. According to this, 42 people are currently infected with the virus. Four people have died so far as a result of the infectious disease covid-19. 124 burgers are in domestic isolation.

Minister kaniber criticized

Minister kaniber criticized

The mood at the moment is anything but good, michaela kaniber (CSU) admitted right at the start of her speech. She also does not want to paint anything in rosy colors. The situation had already been discussed at the meetings held at the "zur sonne" inn assembled farmers also little use. Although there were no demonstrations in lonnerstadt during the minister’s visit, as there had been the day before in kulmbach, there was still a lot of criticism. Nevertheless, the discussion was heated, and the minister had to deal with a lot of criticism.

The farmers have rough problems: forest ban on grassland, orchards as biotopes, dung ordinance and the designation of red areas, reduction of pesticides, water margins and more are giving them a hard time. "The farmer can no longer manage all this in his brain", a farmer from schirnsdorf found. In the process, farmers feel they are being left alone. For all that "the farmers’ association is currently holding back heavily", was heard in lonnerstadt.

Fast forward through 100 years of german history

This year, the theater "the baumann" will be round off with a special production. On the dot to the 100. Birthday of the arbeiterwohlfahrt on 13. December 100 years are shown in fast forward. So it goes "fast forward through the story. It will be shown at the cineplex kulmbach, on friday 13. December, at 19.30 o'clock and on saturday, 14. December, at 2 p.M.

A century in one evening. Is that possible? After all, there was a lot going on between 1919 and 2019. But yes, we can do it! In this stucco, like at a party, the best conversations take place in the kitchen. This is where the interesting people meet. While bosses and state leaders cunningly hoodwinked each other at the fine dining table, there is plain talk at the cooking pot.

The east bypass captures the imagination in gosberg

the east bypass captures the imagination in gosberg

Tension was in the air when everything revolved around the topic of the "ostspange" at the schuhmann inn in gosberg has turned. Invited by the working group "environment and district development of the CSU district association forchheim. The explosive nature of the topic was demonstrated by the packed auditorium. "The central opinion of the burger horen", was the goal of the working group (AK) chairman heinz marquart.

And these are the facts: a total of around 40,000 vehicles currently pass through bayreuther strabe in forchheim and gosberg every day. The federal traffic route plan is revised every five years. In the case of the gosberg bypass, proposals have been submitted by the trench construction office and the affected communities of pinzberg, wiesenthau, kirchehrenbach, weilersbach and forchheim.