Stamm-fibich chairs committee

Stamm-fibich chairs committee

On wednesday, the members of the petitions committee in the german parliament elected erlangen deputy martina stamm-fibich ( SPD ) as their new chairwoman. Stamm-fibich has been a member of the petitions committee since 2013, taking over from marion wendt (CDU) as head of the committee.

"The new coalition will make the petition system stronger and further digitalize it. We will ensure that public petitions are discussed in the committees and in the plenum in the future. With the public deliberation in the plenum, we are enhancing the petition system enormously," says stamm-fibich.

Long before the election, the native of erlangen had already spoken out in favor of strengthening the petition system: "I would like to achieve improvements for the petition system so that the concerns of citizens are given more weight and the parties and parliamentary groups reflect more critically on their own ideas and concepts."To this end, the deputy pays for easier access to the right of petition, a more user-friendly design of the online service, better information options for petitioners during the process, as well as a speeding up of the procedures.


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