Bamberg believes the silver madonna will be followed

Rooty scent filled the packed st. James church. Many men and women had brought herb bushes with them, which are traditionally used for the feast of the assumption of the blessed virgin mary to be bound and blessed. Although it was not so easy this year to look for herbs in the wild: "everything has dried up," laughed christine neubauer, christine neubauer from tutschengereuth, for example, regretted that she had put together a bunch of her own watered garden: peppermint, clover, golden rue, thyme and blood drop made a handsome bouquet. "It’s going to be in the house all year", laughed christine neubauer.

400 years of sodality

For them it was not only a pious duty to attend the festive service with auxiliary bishop herwig gossl. "I am in the sodalitat, already my parents-in-law were members", the tutschengereuther paid off. The marianische herren- und burgersodalitat bamberg, a catholic lay association with currently 330 members, was already confirmed by rome in 1618. Exists now for exactly 400 years and celebrated on the occasion of this anniversary their titular feast "maria himmelfahrt" just especially wordig.

Bad kissingen golf club: an all-pink tournament against breast cancer

One of originally more than 100 pink ribbon ladies’ days has taken place at the bad kissingen golf club. It is a nationwide campaign that focuses on breast cancer and the chances of early detection of the disease, according to a press release from pink ribbon germany. Since the 1990s, the "pink ribbon" has been used to promote the fight against breast cancer used worldwide as a symbol for commitment against breast cancer.

In compliance with the safety conditions related to the corona pandemic, the golf course turned pink, as the participants of the pink ribbon ladies day entered the day of play dressed in pink or with pink accessories. Ursula lingstadt-dachrodt, ladies captain of the golf clus, said that 28 players had taken part in the tournament.

Study: mysterious fairy circles are caused by termites

These insects were the only organism found regularly in the early stages of the formation of the fairy circles. The grass root-eating sand termites reduced the grass growth in the vegetationless flats, according to jurgens. Other experts vehemently contradict the biologist.

Fairy circles occur in hundreds of thousands in the arid land near the southwestern coast of africa. Each of the points, drawn as if with a compass, is surrounded by a wreath of tall grass at a closer look. From the bird's perspective the red spots are almost priceless. With diameters up to about 20 meters, they give the impression that the earth had freckles.

Setback for libya: un mediator hands in resignation

setback for libya: un mediator hands in resignation

After unsuccessful efforts to end civil war in libya, UN envoy to crisis country quits. The united nations confirmed on monday in new york that ghassam salame had submitted a request to that effect.

Salame himself also wrote on twitter that he had asked for his dismissal: "I have tried for more than two years to bring libyans together, to contain foreign intervention and preserve the unity of the country (…) today i have to admit that my health does not allow this kind of stress any more."UN spokesman stephane dujarric said secretary-general antonio guterres would seek a "swift transition".

Coburg gallery shows colorful paintings by james rizzi

Whether human, whether animal, whether skyscraper in new york, everything laughs, wobbles happily three-dimensional, everything is united in the coarse teeming james rizzi cosmos, into which also the spectator is irresistibly pulled. After the very successful exhibition in 2008, this unmistakable and original world of art can now be experienced again here in coburg in a rough retrospective in the gallery in der remise. One thing, however, is no longer to be expected this time, the encounter with the artist, who won numerous fans during his visit to coburg at that time. James rizzi died in december 2011 only 61 years old.

So now a train of – yes reverence has come into the contemplation of rizzi's jagged and wavy little figures, which are drawn all over the world, but also too well suited to occupy plates and cups and many objects of everyday use. Products from rizzi's goebel edition, porcelain and hand-painted glass, also complement the lively exhibition in the wiesenstrabe. Isn't that a way to make our world lighter and brighter??

Retailers in bamberg disagree on closing times

Retailers in Bamberg disagree on closing times

Three women, one opinion: shopping on sundays is out of the question for them. And they didn't need opening hours after 6 p.M., said traudl hartmann (60), barbara fiedler (53) and pensioner agnes s., which we addressed in the morning in the fubganger zone. For the recurring demand for a relaxation of the store closing time they show no understanding.

Fiedler, who travels a lot as a guest driver, formulates her point of view as follows: "people also have to get some rest once in a while." Hartmann, a teacher and school psychologist, says she doesn't go shopping on sundays because the day is "sacred to her, and not just in a religious sense.". As agnes S. She thinks that the predominantly female employees should also be considered; they were the ones who suffered.

Hamilton in the “zone” – and what schumacher has to do with it

The formula 1 immediately tweeted a video with michael schumacher. "He is a very talented driver," he said in the interview of a british broadcaster before the 2007 season. Schumacher was then for the first time in horsepower retirement. About whom he spoke? Lewis hamilton.

The briton started his career in the king's class of motorsports at that time. At the end of this year, this hamilton will most likely have replaced schumacher as the most successful driver in the history of formula 1.

“I liked to shape bamberg”

The man is serious. This becomes clear not only when looking at the comprehensive draft for a "municipal election program bamberg" of the party volt clearly, on which hans-gunter brunker with its 25 comrades-in-arms works since six weeks. 1.3 percent of the people of bamberg voted for volt in the european elections 2019, now the young pan-european party also wants to run in the municipal elections 2020 – with hans-gunter brunker as a candidate for the office of mayor of badenburg.

"I liked bamberg design. This has been my home for many years, I have grown fond of the city", says the 52-year-old, for whom the time has come for a change in bamberg. The married father of three has been working as a freelance actor, speaker and presenter since 2013. Previously, the doctor of chemistry was, among other things, a consultant at mckinsey and managing director of a biotechnology company. "I was able to gain a lot of experience and my view is relatively broad. That's important for someone who wants to be active in the community.", says brunker. "In bamberg, there is a sense that the citizens are really interested in their city." when the native of bad bruckenau joined volt, he found "the right people with the right goals" hit. Although his party is still small in bamberg, volt is growing very strongly and has unusually committed members.

Toyota remains industry leader – vwand gmrucken up

Toyota remains industry leader - vwand gmrucken up

But rivals general motors and volkswagen are catching up; in the second quarter, GM was already able to overtake its japanese competitor.

The toyota group, which also includes daihatsu and hono motors, sold a total of 4.9 million vehicles, the group announced on friday. Number 2, general motors, increased sales by 3.9 percent to 4.85 million cars, followed by VW with around 4.7 million cars and an increase of 5.5 percent.

Slump in organ donations startles government

"What we know is that the new laws make such a manipulation attempt, as we have experienced in gottingen, impossible," said health minister daniel bahr (FDP) on thursday in berlin. According to the german press agency (dpa), public prosecutors have meanwhile filed charges against the former head of gottingen's transplant medicine department.

Two days before organ donation day, bahr launched a nationwide campaign with celebrities. "I don't see, when i'm diagnosed with brain death, that these valuable organs are burned or buried," said actor klaus J. Behrendt ("crime scene"). He, like olympic biathlon and weightlifting champions kati wilhelm and matthias steiner, advertises on crude posters for organ donations.