You’re Not Alone

You’re not alone in anything you attempt. Okay, that is a little misleading as you can choose to go it alone, but even then are you really alone?

Trying to Go It Alone

There are those people who seem to want to be the Lone Ranger and do it all themselves. It’s as if they cannot trust others to do it right. Or, perhaps they want all the credit and cannot stand the thought of sharing it with others. But, the reality is nobody knows or can do everything. To go it alone is to reduce you chances of success. Not only that, but when you do manage to be successful all by yourself, the celebration somehow rings hollow. There is just something about sharing a victory with others who were involved in the process.

Who Can Help

Generally, it simply makes sense to have others involved in whatever you are trying to accomplish. I realize it sometimes appears that someone has accomplished something completely by themselves, but rarely is that the case. For example, if you follow pro tennis it is easy to get the idea that a great player who wins a major event did it all on their own. That simply is not true. Behind a professional tennis player is a support team that has been assembled over the years. It may have started with an encouraging parent, moved on to a coach who believed in the player, and then progressed to new coaches, conditioning trainers, sponsors, etc. You get the picture. They have a support team that is often behind the scenes yet critical to their success.

Likewise, even if you don’t need another owner or partner, you at least need a support team to help you. This can be anyone from an attorney, a trusted friend or friends that you can bounce ideas off of and get honest answers, a CPA firm, a bank, or a Part-time CFO or Controller (See Spend Wisely – Go Part-Time and CPA Firm or CFO-Which Do You Need?). There could of course be others, but whoever they are, you will have a much greater chance of success if you are willing to seek out others for advice and then be willing to listen. It really does make a difference to have helping hands.

helping hands
The choice is yours. You can elect to go it alone and strongly reduce your probability of succeeding, or you can swallow your pride, admit you could use help, and identify those you believe will improve your odds of success. If you select the right people they will want to see you succeed.

Some of the people who advise you will do so as a friend on a limited basis at no cost to you. Others will charge for their services as that is how they make their living. But, when you consider how much they can help, the cost is generally worth it, and remember you have control over how much you use them. Others can improve your effectiveness and efficiency. Get help. It’s the wise thing to do!

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