You Either Move Toward Your Goal or Away From It

Being deliberate in moving toward you goal is essential. Not doing so is actually moving away from it.

Life Moves On

When you set a goal it will not happen all by itself. You must have a game plan to make it happen and act on that plan. While it’s possible your goal could come to fruition without direct action, do you really think that is very likely? It is much more likely that by not acting on you game plan your goal slips further away, even to the point it may no longer be achievable. Remember that you either move toward your goal or you move away from your goal, but remember that time does not stand still and things continue to change with or without your input.

Moving Toward Your Goal

Action is a key to any achievement. I’ve used this before but again it is one of my favorite quotes:

Nothing happens until something moves.” – Albert Einstein

If you want to achieve your goal(s), keep this in mind and take action. When you keep a goal in sight and act on your plan to achieve it then and only then do you move toward your goal. Remembering Einstein’s statement, things don’t just happen.

Along with action is evaluation. Even when you act you still need to take time to evaluate what you have done to see if it is accomplishing what you intended. If not, then revise your plan to achieve your goal and act on that.

In addition to acting and evaluating the results of your actions, collaboration and feedback can be invaluable. Others may see thing you overlook, even when they’re right under your nose. If you doubt that just think about writing a paper and then having someone critique it. Chances are they will notice spelling and grammatical errors and parts that are not clear in what is being conveyed or even contradictory to your overall message. A word of caution is in order. While they can be of value, people who are simply of a critical nature may be more harmful than helpful. You want someone who is on your side and will give you honest feedback but will also encourage you.

Moving Away from Your Goal

It is easier to move away from your goal as this tends to happen automatically if you are not acting on your plans. In a sense, failure to act is an action itself, much like not making a decision is ultimately a decision. If you do not act deliberately in ways that help you move toward your goal then by default you are more likely to be moving away.

One sure fire way to move away from your goal is to get distracted by other things. I confess this can be a problem for me. This is one reason why the 4 Quadrant Planning method I discussed in the article Stay Focused and Move to the Goal can be so helpful. I find it keeps my priorities right in front of me so I do stay focused.

What do you find most helpful in helping you to move toward rather than away from you goals?

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