Who Says You Can’t Do That?

The world has way too many people with negative attitudes who second-guess everything you try. But, who says you can’t do that? If you are an idea person you probably find people who second-guess every idea to be a drag. But, new ideas are essential to progress. I touched on this briefly in Try Something New to Progress. Without change there can be no progress.

Protect Yourself from Defeatists

Some people just have a hard time with change. They somehow manage to see the downside of everything. Now, I’m not referring to people who ask good questions to help think through a process in order to prevent careless mistakes and to help make things happen in a smoother fashion. Rather, I’m referring here to those who simply seem to think that everything new is doomed to failure. They hear your ideas and immediately say you can’t do that. They are the dreaded negative thinker.

negative thinker

Quite frankly they drain away a positive atmosphere and impede progress. If you have these sorts of people around you, minimize your contact. Let your ideas progress a long ways before you even make the negative thinkers aware that changes are in the works. Just assume the attitude of who says you can’t do that? Let them wallow in their negative attitude, but don’t get caught up in it. The less you let them influence those making changes the better off your company will be. Just accept that they will need to be left alone to do their own little job and will not be helping make needed changes. They will change when it is forced on them.

The Bottom Line

You probably will have to deal with these kinds of people from time to time. Just listen politely and then go about making the changes needed. They can announce the coming doom all they want, but as to your attitude just keep the thought in mind of who says you can’t do that?

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