What You Say Matters

A Bad Experience

Recently I was shopping for a gift. What the gift was makes no difference. It was, however, something that was relatively expensive and needed to be researched carefully to be certain the purchase was a wise one.

I went in a store that shall remain nameless and became interested in a particular model. The price was excellent, but still it made sense to look at some reviews and also to shop at some other places before making a final decision. Before leaving the store I asked a sales person if this was a sales price. He assured me it was not a sales price and was the regular price. Later, still not sure of a decision, I came back to the store for another look. At this time another sales person assured me that this was the regular price. They both should have been familiar with the concept that what you say matters.

lying sales person

A Decision Made

Finally, after careful research and comparison shopping, I decided to return to this store and make the purchase. However, when I got there the price was actually seventy dollars more. When I inquired I was told that the previous price was a sales price and the new price was the regular price. After going round and round with a couple of sales people it was clear they were not going to honor the price that was previous quoted as the regular price. Their unwillingness to honor what they previously said caused me to not trust the store anymore. As I left I informed them that I would never shop in their store again, despite years of having done so. For seventy dollars, they lost a long-term customer permanently. The cost of acquiring a new customer is far more than seventy dollars.

You see, they failed to recognize the issue. The issue was not really what the regular price was, nor was it what two sales people said the regular price was. The real issue was that they failed to grasp that what you say matters.

It Matters – It Really Does!

Maybe they weren’t expecting someone to hold them to what they said. Perhaps I shouldn’t have asked to begin with and I would not have gotten a lie for an answer.

ask me no questions i'll tell you no lies

Of course I’m kidding. Any store should anticipate this kind of question. More importantly, they should realize the importance of showing some integrity. It is indeed true that what you say matters.

What about your company? Are your employees aware that what they say matters? Do your and your employees know just how difficult and costly it is to obtain a new customer and how easily a customer can be lost?

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