What is the Purpose of Your Purposes?

At first thought the question “What is the purpose of your purposes?” may sound like doublespeak. But it really isn’t. In an earlier blog post, Why You Need a Purpose or Mission Statement purpose was initially addressed. Along with that blog were two other blogs, Why You Need a Vision Statement and Why You Need a Values Statement to help round out the thought process. Here I want to delve a little deeper into purpose.

How Do You Learn?

Okay, say you have a purpose statement, and for the sake of our discussion, let’s say that statement reads,To be recognized as the best roofing company in Atlanta, Georgia.” Great! That is easy to understand. Perhaps you round this out with a vision like, “We will be the best roofing company in Atlanta. Georgia by providing high quality work and standing behind it with a no questions asked warranty.” To add to that you decide to embrace such values as, “We are not satisfied until our customer is.”, “We will conduct all business with the highest degree of integrity.”, and “If we are not the right company, we will recommend someone who is.” Again, this is all rather straight forward and easy to communicate to both employees and customers.

There’s More

If you have ever watched an infomercial on television, you have undoubtedly heard the expression, “But wait, there’s more!” When it comes to purpose, that is absolutely true. Yes, the purpose above is acceptable. In fact, you may have another personal purpose to be highly profitable and able to provide jobs for others. Any number of other purposes can be added, even if they are not explicitly stated in your company’s purpose statement.

The Purpose Behind the Purpose

There is perhaps nothing worse than reaching the top of the ladder and discovering that you’re on the wrong wall.” ― Joseph Campbell. Now it really doesn’t matter whether you know who Joseph Campbell is or, if you do, whether you disagree with much of what he says. In this case I think he has touched on our subject matter. Suppose you attained the purpose we stated above, “To be recognized as the best roofing company in Atlanta, Georgia”, along with the added purposes of being highly profitable and able to provide jobs for others. So what? Will you be able to look back 10, 20, or 30 years down the road and say, “You know what? I definitely had the ladder against the right wall.” Or will you look back and say, “We definitely were acknowledged by many as the best roofing company in Atlanta, Georgia and have the awards to prove it. And, not only that, we were even more profitable than we expected and were able to provide jobs to more people than we ever imagined. But still, there is something missing. There is emptiness to these accomplishments. It just seems like there should be something more.”

What is Your Ultimate Purpose?

Nobody else can answer this question for you. Only you can do so, and it probably requires much soul searching. It is easy to get caught up in the mindset of, we’ve got to get this sale, we have to get these orders out on time, we have to make x amount of money, etc, etc. etc. But unless you know your ultimate purpose, all of this is to some extent just busy work with no real meaning. Oh, don’t misunderstand. It has value, but there is more to life that that.

So I leave you with that question, “What is Your Ultimate Purpose?

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